The Technologies (Digital and Design) are taught throughout the year at Phoenix PS. Project Based Learning (PBL) is a strong focus within this learning area. 


Design Technology: In design technology, students are asked to research, brainstorm, problem solve then design and build a solution before reflecting upon how they completed the task. Some of the items our students have been asked to design include paper roller coasters, siege engines, chariots pulled by robots, bridges and towers. 


Digital Technology: In digital technologies the students learn to become proficient with the MS Office Suite of programs, while also exploring robotics and coding through the use of BeeBot, Sphero and BBC Micro:bit. As a school we provide all our students with free access to Typing Tournament, an online program that encourages and teaches the students to become proficient typists. 





Here are some Technologies websites you may like to use:

Google Translator


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