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Welcome to Phoenix Primary School, an independent public school. We are constantly doing our best to ensure all children feel safe and happy and achieve their potential at our school. Our children's future is enhanced through helping them to achieve their personal goals as we prepare them for the 21st Century. We regard our students as an investment in the future of public school education.
The school places great emphasis on its people. We are proud to acknowledge and build on established educational traditions as the staff here at Phoenix Primary School promote excellence, reflected in evidence based progressive curriculum and teaching practices. They support and nurture in the students the self-confidence to pursue their talents and interests and focus on the student as an individual. Our staff are central to the quality of all programs we provide.
Apart from offering excellent programs in class to support development in the key learning areas, the school also has a huge range of extracurricular activities. The creative arts program offers students access to a range of music/instrumental programs. The school has a very strong sporting history with representation across all codes of sport and high levels of success in the individual sports of athletics and soccer.
As language skills are extremely important in learning to read and write, we focus on the oral language skills of the whole school and particularly in the early childhood area, by engaging our children in game based learning. Phoenix works collaboratively with our local universities and TAFEs in providing a progressive school environment for the training of teachers and education assistants.
We continually strive to enhance the quality of our communication with families. We see educating students for the future as a combined approach with parents, community and school working as a team.
We look forward to you joining our learning community and helping us provide the best education for our children. We are proud to bear the name of Phoenix Primary School.
Lea Tunbridge



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