2017 Past News


Starlight Foundation

We received a letter from Captain Starlight & the Starlight Foundation Team thanking all staff and students for our incredible support and hard work for raising money on the Purple Haze Day.  Our contribution helps brighten the lives of sick kids, teens and their families.

Thank you to everyone who donated money!

Fremantle College Says Thank You


Please click on the ATTACHED LETTER from Fremantle College.

The College would like to thank us for our co-operation in allowing the following students from Phoenix Primary School to attend the Fremantle College Marine Day on Friday March 31.  Eriki, Connor and Dean had a wonderful time at the Marine Day.






Maths Olympiad

Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads (APSMO) Inc is proud to be celebrating 30 years of the Maths Olympiad in 2017. Over the years the number of participants to participate in the event has grown considerably. Across all of the APSMO programs, there were over 56 700 students who participated this year. The success of the program is largely due to the ongoing support of teachers who believe in the importance of developing problem solving skills and challenging students to achieve their best.


At a whole school assembly on November 1 2017, Mr Ron Addison (year5/6 teacher), was recognised as a long-term supporter of the Maths Olympiad and was presented with a commemorative plaque. APSMO thanked Mr Addison for his long-term commitment to maths problem solving education. The plaque is a reminder of the impact he has made on his students’ education over the years.


Thank you Mr Addison!





2017 House Captains

Congratulations to our House Captains and Vice Captains for 2017 who were elected by their peers and staff members. They are:


  • Davilak Captains – Vivien and Chamath
  • Davilak Vice Captains – Lacey and Blayke



  • Hamilton Captains – Pauleen and Ryley
  • Hamilton Vice Captains – Catherine and Kristian



  • Manning Captains – Rosanne and Nathan
  • Manning Vice Captains – Taylor and Karl




Twins Galore!




2017 Travel Smart Team

Thank you to the following children who have volunteered to be on the Travel Smart Team for 2017.  They will be collecting data and representing the classes as listed.  They will also be writing out the raffle tickets for the assembly draw.

Our team below is made up of the following children and what class they will be representing:

  • Jamilia and Olie (A2)
  • Christine and Jennifer (A6)
  • Sydney and Leon (B1)
  • Dianne, Harvey and Luka (B2)
  • Ily and Nada (B4)
  • Karah and Mya (C2)
  • Urielle, Vivien and Keanu (C3)
  • Adele and Sofia (C5)




Thanks again for spending some of your lunch time on Tuesdays to prepare for the assembly Travel Smart section.


Ms Maria Clapsis

Travel Smart Co-ordinator



House Cross Country Champions

All the students who took part were racing for their house and each student scored points that went towards the final total. The winners of this year’s House Cross Country were Hamilton, followed by Manning and lastly Davilak.

The 2017 individual champions were as follows:


Champion Girl

Champion Boy












Oliver P



Blake G





State Schools Cross Country Championships

On Friday August 18, two of our Phoenix students competed in the annual State Schools Cross Country Championships. Olie from B4 and Blake from C2 competed against over 250 competitors from all over Western Australia in the year 4 and 5, 2000 metre race.


Both boys performed exceptionally well and were a credit to Phoenix Primary School. Congratulations boys.

Champions Cup Awards

On Wednesday August 9, the 16 man Phoenix Soccer Squad were awarded a special certificate for taking part in the 14th year of the Primary Schools Champions’ Cup (previously the Glory Cup). Phoenix has competed for all 14 years and this group of players did extremely well in very tough competition.  Due to the training and their hard work for two school terms, they thoroughly deserved these special awards.  Thank you to them all.


Mr Addison



Guessing Game Winner

To raise money for the Year 6 Graduation, the prefects are running a series of small fundraisers for the whole school to participate in.  Over the last couple of weeks they have been holding a ‘guess the amount of lollies in the jar’ competition. Our lucky winner with the correct guess of  87 was Riverlee (B2). Well done Riverlee!



 Sick Tree



I am one of the trees that live at Phoenix Primary School, I am at the front of the school near the staff car park.  I am very, very old and unfortunately I am now very sick, and have been for about three years.  The school gardener has tried hard to make me well, and two specialists have been out to see me, but sadly there is nothing to be done. 

During the next vacation I will be leaving, but I will be returning as mulch to help the school garden plants and trees grow.  See the picture of the little gum tree, that is one of my offspring and when I come back as mulch I will look after the baby gum trees and help them to grow up to be big and tall.  Please don’t be sad for me, I am happy to be helping other trees and plants at the Phoenix Primary School gardens and grounds.



WABL Stars!

 Two of our students have been chosen to play in the Western Australian Basketball League (WABL) competition for Cockburn Cougars. Congratulations to Lacey (year 6 C3) and Adele (year 5 C5) who are playing in the U12 girls division and have won two out of their first three matches. Well done girls!





Design a Jumper

Each year the WAFC, in conjunction with Burley Sekem, run a ‘Design a Jumper’ competition for primary schools across WA.  We had many children who were very excited to enter the competition and we would like to say congratulations to Olie (C2) and Waiata (C2) who received certificates of participation. Their designs were selected as the two top entries for our school and we’d like to thank them for their contributions.




WAFC Multicultural Gala Day

Approximately 40 students from Phoenix Primary School were very excited to take part in this event. The Multicultural Gala Day is an AFL inclusive event aiming to welcome new players from all backgrounds and skill levels to Aussie Rules Football. Throughout the day participants had the opportunity to enhance their AFL skills and they even competed in a round robin tournament under the exciting new AFL format known as AFL9s.



Once again the school is divided over who will win the West Coast Eagles VS Fremantle Dockers  Derby. The West Australian AFL Derby is number 45 and not only are the kids debating who will win, the office is split down the middle aswell!!







Recently, our students from Years 4-6 took part in the Summer Lightning Carnival. Cricket was held at Murdoch University playing fields. Due to the high level of student interest we were able to enter two teams in the competition this year. The competition lasted all day and the students got to play a maxiumum of  four matches against other schools from the local area. Those schools included Coolbelup, Bibra Lake, South Coogee, South Lake and Caralee.  


Basketball was held at Wally Hagan Basketball Stadium and the school was represented by an A and a B team. Both teams had some great battles with other schools such as Samson, Coolbellup and Southlake. The A team won their division and returned to school with a lovely trohpy.


We were proud of our students who displayed exemplary sportsmanship throughout the day and were a credit to the school and themselves. The icing on the cake was that not only did the students have a great day out representing the school but one of the cricket teams also finished as runner up. We're looking forward to next years competition and hopefully going one better than this year. Well done to boys and girl who took part.









Thank you to all entrants for participating in this year’s Easter egg decorating competition.  Your imagination and artistic flair that has gone into the making of your entry has made it very hard to pick the winners. Congratulations to these winners:


Early Childhood

Charlotte & Benjamin

Pre Primary

Aida & Cash

Year 1

Ana & Evan

Year 2

Sethuli & Loui

Year 3

Kyra & Luka

Year 4

Waiata & Lucia

Year 5

Sarah & Branden

Year 6

Grace & John


Semester 1 & 2 Prefects


Congratulations to the following students who have been elected as school prefects for Semester One. We are confident that you will set an example at all times and display excellent leadership qualities.


From left to right (Semester 1 Prefects) - Keanu Kee, Suraya Edwards, Madison Rogers and Seth Favazzo



From left to right (Semester 2 Prefects) - Tenielle Mills-Shales,  Madison Rogers, Seth Favazzo, Keanu Kee and Suraya Edwards





Great results at the Interschool...

Our competitors represented our school positively with a great attitude and great achievement.  Due to the excellent efforts of our students who live by their motto ‘Never Give Up’, we won the Cockburn District Interschool Athletics Carnival Meritorious Trophy, we came second overall and we also won the team games events. I was very proud of our students and feel they represent our school as a school of integrity and achievement. We would like to make a special mention of Lucas Ali who had a very successful day, receiving the medal for Intermediate Champion Boy. Well done Lucas!





Walk Over October

Thank you to all the children who entered the Walk Over October poster or colouring in competition.  All children who submitted an entry were awarded with a prize at the last assembly. Special mention to the children from C3 for their excellent PERSUASIVE entries.  Come and have a look at the poster entries that are displayed on the B3 and B4 windows. Thanks also to Miss Read for judging all the entries for me.


The overall winners were:



















Lacey and Mya


Harmony Day

On Wednesday March 22, our school celebrated Harmony Day. This was a special day recognising and celebrating our cultural differences and similarities. It was lovely to see so many students and parents dress in their national costume, or that of their country of origin, to help celebrate our diversity.


The celebrations started with a Harmony Day Assembly at 8.45am where students displayed their national costumes in a grand parade.


Following the grand parade students participated in a rotation of activities throughout the school.


At 1.20pm parents and guardians were invited to share a picnic lunch with their child/children.


After food break ended at 1.50pm parents were welcome to join their child/children in their classroom. A few creative activities were organised for parents to engage in with their child, ending the school day together.


Photos of the day are posted in the Gallery.


Hiroshima Tree Planting


On Friday August 4, we went with Mrs Pretty to the Hiroshima Tree Planting Ceremony at Botany Park. We listened to a speech given by Mayor Logan Howlett and the Japanese Representative.


After the speeches they let two doves go and with the help of Ti from the City of Cockburn we planted a special tree from Japan with 11 other schools.  We put two tablets in the tree to help it grow and then covered the roots with soil.


When we finished planting the tree we went back to the Cockburn council building.  We went upstairs and enjoyed food that they had prepared.  We also made paper cranes with another school.  We had some sushi sandwiches and Mr Howlett made a speech about Sadako and presented a gift for the Japanese representative.


Once the speeches had finished we had to go back to school for our school photos.


Thank you


Ryley (C3) and Grace (C3)




Math Achievement Awards

Mathletics Australia has recognised three students as being hardworking and for using Mathletics as a tool to be successful learners. Congratulations to Dean (C3), Kristian (C5) and Emily (C3) for receiving Mathletics Achievement Awards at the last assembly.



House Athletics Carnival


In week 9 of term 3 we held the annual school sports carnival taking place over 2 days.  Wednesday saw the older students taking part in the throws and jumps and on Thursday the whole school came down to the oval to take part in the carnival.  Many of the races were close finishes and this reflected on the House scores with very few points between the Houses for most of the day.  In the end Manning finished the overall winners, followed by Davilak and in third place was Hamilton.

Champion Boys and Girls are chosen based on points awarded for a series of events. At the end of the carnival these points are calculated to discover who the champions are for the year. 

Champion Boy and Girl medals were awarded to our Intermediate (Years 3-4) and Senior (Years 5-6) students at the final assembly in term 3.

This year the results were as follows:


Champion Intermediate Girls (yr 3-4)

1st –Sydney

Equal 2nd and 3rd – Palace, Judielle and Dianne


Champion Intermediate Boys  (yr 3-4)

1st – Lucas

2nd– Ollie

3rd – Carl

Champion Senior Girls  (yr 5-6)

1st – Pauleen

2nd– Lacey

3rd – Taylor


Champion Senior Boys  (yr 5-6)

1st – Blake G

2nd– Nathan


Youth Leadership Conference


In March 2017 the Prefects and House Captains had the opportunity to attend the Youth Leadership Day with Mrs McKay up at the Convention Centre in Perth. This event was attended by over 1500 primary school students from around the state.

Our school leaders were able to listen to a range of inspiring leaders which included an Engineer, a news reporter, Olympic athletes and the man who started the dance party on the Perth train that you may have seen on the news.

All of these speakers shared their insights into leadership and challenged the students to be the best they possibly could.

It was a motivating experience for all the students and one which we will use as a catalyst for further developing their leadership skills throughout 2017.
















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