2019 Past News


In week 1 of term 4, we had the official opening of our amazing new tennis courts.



Olympic medalist Alicia Molik was one of the invited guests to cut the ribbon. The children had the opportunity to ask Alicia questions and she gave them all some good advice. We also welcomed the Quokka mascot and she gave out some high fives and lots of hugs.





Congratulations to the following students who have been elected as school prefects for 2019. We are confident that you will set a positive example at all times and display excellent leadership qualities.


  • Dianne Alejo
  • Lucas Ali
  • Zak Amis
  • Quelly Labastida

House Captains

Congratulations to our House Captains who were elected by their peers.


  • Davilak Captains – Kruz Kinita Farrell and Oscar Tomlinson

  • Hamilton Captains – Jamilia Edwards and Wax Mercado

  • Manning Captains – Christine Lalog and Olie Pike

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

On Friday 15 March, Phoenix PS participated in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. This day gave us the chance to take action and empower our students to be part of the solution when addressing bullying in the school community. It provided an opportunity to focus on bullying and the big changes we can make to create safer communities for everyone. Each class participated in a range of lessons and discussion starters exploring different strategies and ways to ‘Take a Stand Together’.

Some insights about the day from C2:

It is important to help others and protect our friends. – Shannon

Bullying only happens if it is ongoing.  It would make you want to stay home from school. – July

I like knowing that a bystander will always be there to help you. – Mia

Sometimes bullying is not actually bullying, it is a conflict between two friends. – Daniel

Bullying is never the right thing to do.  It is never the answer.  The bystanders are there to stand up to the bully. – Joshua

Stand up and take action! – Aaron

We learnt to always be kind and teach younger students what they should do. – Jonathon S

Harmony Day


On Wednesday March 13, Phoenix Primary School held its 2019 Harmony Day celebration.  At the start of the day, all the classes, from Pre Primary to Year six, gathered together to celebrate all the different cultures and traditions in our school by parading around the assembly area showing off their different cultural clothes.  Thank you to B5 for doing their assembly item, ‘I am Australian Too,’ and to Mrs Railton for organising the event.  This was followed by all the classes getting back together and doing an activity that showed off everyone’s personal traditions, while the parents watched as their children showed off their work.  At lunch, the students were given the opportunity to have lunch with their parents while talking about the morning they’d had.  After lunch, everyone was put into a group and went to different classrooms and did a fun activity with three different teachers.  The activities included cooking, art and sport and were enjoyable for all the students.

We may be different fish, but here at Phoenix Primary, we all swim together.

We think we speak for all students when we say that Harmony Day at Phoenix was memorable and we hope future students will feel the same.

Jamilia and Quelly C5

Girls Multisport Carnival

Before we left school we got our bags, the teachers did lesson attendance and then we were organised into our teams.

And off we went . . . it took nearly half an hour to get there but we made it to the Success Regional Park.

At around 9:30am – 9:45am we were gathered for welcoming then very quickly we got our fixtures and headed straight to the first game. AFL was actually more enjoyable than we thought and at the end of every game we congratulated the opposing girls.

Every sport was played twice and it was a long, tiring and sunny day. We had the presentations and the year 4/5 team won the Cricket and the year 5/6 team won the AFL trophy.

On the way back to school, we shared the bus with Coolbellup School, and then the bus stopped . . . the bus driver told us that the bus had broken down.  The teachers started to ring the school offices. It took about 20-25 minutes to get a new bus but we quickly got on the new bus and we were finally at school.

Christine C3

Starlight Foundation Purple Haze Day

On Friday April 5, Phoenix Primary School participated in the Starlight Foundation Purple Haze Day.  We encouraged EVERY student to wear something purple to school in exchange for a gold coin donation supporting Starlight Children’s Foundation.  By supporting Purple Haze, you are supporting their mission of brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families. The foundation replace pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter so let’s get behind this remarkable initiative.

We raised just over $300 for the Foundation which is a terrific effort considering the size of our school. 

Thank you for your support.

Summer Interschool Carnival


The carnivals were held at various locations and they competed with other schools from the local area. The feedback from students proved the day was a fantastic success as they showed off their skills and knowledge of the rules. A big thank you to Mr Walsh, Mr Anderson, Miss Read, Ms Harmon and parent helpers for assisting the students on the day. We also appreciated the support of the many parents who gave their time to cheer us on. Well done to all students who attended, your behaviour was exceptional and thank you for giving up your lunch breaks and senior sport times this term for our training sessions.

Congratulations to the cricket team for making the State finals to be played in term 4.

Girls Champion Cup

Congratulations to all the girls who participated in the Champion Cup at Beale Park last Wednesday 3 April.

Thank you to Dave Walsh for training the team and parents who supported their children and the team on the day.  I was thrilled to watch one of their games and see the high level of team spirit displayed and their persistence.  They really espouse our motto of ‘Never Give Up.’ The girls made the final in the competition where they were unfortunately beaten by Southern Baptist College. We have however qualified for the State finals which will be held in Aubin Grove in term 2.  A special mention to Christine in C3 who was awarded the MVP for her performance in the final.


Congratulations girls!

National young Leaders Conference

On the 25th of March, the Prefects, House Captains and Eco Warriors attended the National Young Leaders Day Conference.

We came to school very early and left school at 7:45 sharp. It took nearly half an hour to get there but the ride was worth it! The teachers then organised us and led us to the auditorium to see the whole place filled with different schools from around WA.

It started off with everyone dancing and chatting around while the host warmed us up with great dance for the song, Kiki. After the warm up, we had our first speaker, Akram Azimi - Young Australian of the Year in 2013, who led us to tears. Then it was break, we ate our lunch and interacted with different schools. We learned other dances then went back to the auditorium.

After break we then sat down on the same spots we were in. Just before the second speaker came we were surprised to see inflated beach balls bouncing around. The host had the idea of the boys and girls having a competition of getting the beach balls on one side and see which side had more. In the end, the girls won.

We then had our second speaker, Jade Slater, who talked about children in poverty. One of her famous quotes is “Sometimes it takes generations to be great but you could be greater”. We learned a lot of things from her. She made us think to not to give up.

Our third speaker was Leisel Jones. She was a famous Olympic swimmer, setting the world record for the youngest Australian swimmer. She sure was a great athlete who was very successful and inspiring. She also gave us quotes like “talent alone doesn’t make you successful, the important question is, are you ready?”

We had our break and after that, our fourth speaker came. Our fourth speaker was famous for his amazing talent for being an author, and his name is Matt Cosgrove. He told us of how nervous he was and how he hated public speaking. He told us the story of his childhood to why he hated it. He made everyone chuckle as he told us the story. It then came to the last of his words where he told us 5 important lessons that we should always remember:

1) Find your passion and practice it

2) People are important

3) Be realistic about your passion

4) Be persistent

5) Use the power of your imagination

The day finally came to an end and behalf of saying goodbye, we all sang Baby Shark together. Our teachers led us out of the auditorium and went in the bus. We had such a fantastic day and learned how to be great leaders.


Dianne, Quelly and Jamilia C5

AFL Stars!

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Lucas (C3) and Olie (C5) on their recent achievement. Both boys have been accepted into the School Sport WA State AFL 12’s team.  The boys have worked extremely hard over many weeks during the selection process and we are proud of their persistence and always trying their best.

We look forward to keeping an eye on their future AFL prospects!

Wildcats Visit

During week 3 of term 2 senior students had a visit from Mitch Norton who is a player from the Perth Wildcats basketball team.  

He taught our basketball teams some new drills and some strategies we can use in our games. The teams were very excited to meet him and I was very proud of how they represented Phoenix.

Miss Christie Read
Year 4 Teacher

Basketball Stars x 2!

Our very own Sally Moore of C5 should be extremely proud of herself as she has earned her spot in the Under 12 WABL team for Cockburn this year. 

This Cockburn Cougar junior is also the daughter of Rockingham legend Mr Travis Moore, and Sally got the opportunity to present her Dad with the inaugural McIntyre-Moore Cup as the Cockburn Cougars took on the Rockingham Flames.  

The McIntyre-Moore Cup is a joint Western Australia Junior Basketball league (WABL) venture between clubs, ‘Cockburn Cougars’ and ‘Rockingham Flames’.  The cup is named after two families with more than 1,245 State Basketball League games between them – the Moore’s and McIntyre’s. The Cup is a wonderful chance to bring two strong basketball communities together for a day of opportunity for juniors.


Well done Sally on your awesome achievement.



Act Belong Commit

Our free dance incursion from ‘Act, Belong, Commit’ kept us all very engaged.

First it was hip hop, then classical ballet (tutu as well), tap dancing, gymnastics and contemporary ballet.  Our Year 6 students got the chance to go up on the stage area and try out some hip-hop moves and entertain the other students.  The three ballet dancers explained each type of ballet performed and answered the children’s questions at the end.  The questioning by the students was very insightful and relevant to the ballet and the dancers.  The dancers commended the students on their interest, engagement and fabulous behaviour.

The incursion was sponsored by Act, Belong, Commit and the message was shared in child friendly language that basically you find something you like and Act on it by asking parents, teachers, friends etc to help you know more. Then you find like minded people to join in with (a club or a group) so that you find a place you feel you Belong. Then you Commit to giving it all you have by turning up, doing practice etc. they did not push for students to do dancing, it was suggested they find any sport, any art, any skill you are passionate about.

Forensic Science Incursion

Our Forensic Science Workshop was a favourite with our students who had to solve the mystery of the missing boy.

The purpose of this incursion, was to engage the children with scientific techniques that demonstrate how science works in the real world. During the workshop a make believe crime had been committed and it was the responsibility of the student's to work together to piece together the evidence.

The children were able to explore the crime scene and investigate the clues and evidence. They worked as a team interpreting and analysing all the evidence provided.

This included finding, developing and characterising fingerprints, investigating impressions, identifying hairs and fibres.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the incursion and I'm sure they would of mentioned the Koala Poo.

Winter Interschool Carnival


On Thursday June 20 we went to the Cockburn Winter Interschool Netball Carnival to compete against other schools in our area.  Our two teams had been practicing all term during senior sport and our lunch breaks. We tried our hardest and had lots of fun playing against the other schools. At break time they even put some music on and we were allowed to dance around and meet some of the other students. The Phoenix A team were amazing and they won every game. We won a trophy for Phoenix and everyone cheered. The bus ride home was tiring but we were all so excited. We can't wait to play next year and represent Phoenix! 

From Ksenia and Sofia (C2)


Once again the Phoenix ‘A’ Team are champions of the Interschool Soccer Competition. The boys and girls from Phoenix proved too strong for their local opposition winning all their games without conceding a goal. Let’s hope we can continue or good form into the Regional Championships in Term 3.

The boys and girls in our ‘B’ team competed well but found the opposition tough going. They battled through the day and finished on a high with a creditable draw in the last game.

Whether winning or losing the boys and girls from both teams were a credit to the school, displaying wonderful sportsmanship throughout the day.

Well done to all those who took part. Lastly, a big thank you to Mr Addison for coming down to take charge of the ‘B’ Team.

Mr Walsh

2019 Graduation Achievement Award Recipients


The following students were recipients of the following awards at our Graduation Assembly. Congratulations everyone!



Academic Dux Award - Jamilia Edwards

Academic Excellence Award - Zak Amis

Academic Excellence Award - Christine Lalog
Academic Excellence Award - Jennifer Tran

Fremantle College Enthusiasm for Learning Award - Tini Vu

Endeavour Award - Sydney Villabroza

RSL Leadership Award - Quelly Labastida

Citizenship Award - Lucia Koenig Tomlinson

City of Cockburn Graduation Award - Kruz Kinita Farrell

Woodside Scitech Science Award - Jamilia Edwards

Woodside Scitech Science Award - Jennifer Tran

Sporting Achievement Award - Lucas Ali
Sporting Achievement Award - Olie Pike

Sporting Endeavour Award - Dianne Alejo

The Staff at Phoenix would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Phoenix Primary School Staff Christmas 2019 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

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