Term 3 Update

Welcome back to term three.  This term our theme will be “Living in Australia”.  The children will be learning about the various aspects of Australia that make it such a wonderful and unique place to live.

Last term our Talk 4 Writing Story was "We're Going on a Bear Hunt". Please follow the link so you can see the children retelling the story.  https://vimeo.com/439901240

This term the  story will be “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Our focus will be the use of joining words such as first, next and finally.  

In “Cracking the Code” we have been working on final sounds and rhyming.

In Maths this term, we will be practising our number skills and patterning.

It was lovely to see all the children so happy to be back at school again, they are such a pleasure to teach.

Looking forward to a fun term,

Kindy Update - Week 8 - Term 2
This term has certainly passed very quickly.  The children have been taking part in a number of activities about their families.  They have really enjoyed learning about each others families and where they come from. By the end of the term we will have 15 flags in our room representing the various cultural backgrounds of our children.  Thank you for helping out with the Family Bags.  This is a favourite part of the children's day.  In mathematics we have been learning about positional language and the sequencing of daily events.  This term in PATHS, we have discussed the emotions of happy, sad, angry and afraid.  
It has been disappointing that we are unable to have parents in the room, hopefully next term we may be able to start a Parent Roster.  In addition to this, we are unable to have  our usual international luncheon for the children. I guess we will have to wait!
This terms Talk For Writing story has been "We're Going On A Bear Hunt", to conclude this theme, could each child bring a teddy bear or special soft toy  (not too big) to school on Wednesday.  We will have a Teddy Bear picnic for lunch, unfortunately we cannot share food, so if you want to make your child's lunchbox a little bit special on that day, please go ahead.
Thanks again for your cooperation and patience this term.
Term 2 Update -Week 4

It has been wonderful having all the children back at school. The kindergarten programme is running smoothly, with all the children doing a fabulous job at washing their hands and covering their noses and mouths when needed.   Please keep up the good work in teaching them how to sneeze into their elbows.

We have a new teacher assistant in our classroom to replace Mrs Squeo who is away on leave.  Her name is Sandie Collinson and we are very pleased to have her at Phoenix Kindy.  Welcome Sandie!

Next week we will start our theme work on “Family”. We will be celebrating the various cultural backgrounds our children come from.  Each child will be asked to bring in a show and tell bag about his/her family.  I will send home the bag when it is your child’s turn.

As part of this theme, can I please ask that each child bring in a family photo in a frame to display in class. We will return it at the end of term. The children really enjoy looking at the other family photos and are proud to show off their own!

Term 2 - Welcome Back!

Hope you all managed to have a Happy Easter and peaceful holiday with your family.  Firstly I would like to say that I am really looking forward to seeing those children who are returning on Wednesday. If you are coming on Wednesday, please note that the children will need to be dropped with us at the gate.  For those of you who have decided to keep your child at home, I will be placing an online learning programme on Connect for the children.


As we all know, early childhood education should be play based and consist of lots of hands on activities. You are all wonderfully talented parents, who as far as I’m concerned have already done a tremendous job in educating your lovely children.


This programme will focus on the main areas of what we would be delivering at school.  It would be beneficial if you could atleast look at the English and Maths activities.


We would have commenced Cracking the Code this term. The first skill is segmenting words into syllables.  There is a video in the plan to show the children how to do it.  You can use picture cards, picture books, small toys (like farm or zoo animals), shapes, anything really! And get your child to practice clapping the parts of words.  I will introduce more skills as we move through the term.


I have also attached a copy (on Connect) of the types of questions you could be asking your children when reading your daily story.


Please email me if you have any queries or concerns about your child.  I would love to see any photos of your child taking part in activities.


Hopefully I will see some children on Wednesday, for those who don't attend please take care, I am missing you!




Update - Week 7 - Term 1

Many thanks to the parents who attended the Nurse Information session and morning tea in week five. It was a good opportunity for parents to begin to develop new friendships in our school community.

The children have enjoyed taking part in many activities that involve using their senses.  Over the past two weeks some of the activities included, making scented flowers, musical shakers and using our “big listening ears” for a listening walk.  In the next two weeks we will make slime, make a texture caterpillar and use our sense of taste in cooking activities.

Our garden is slowly coming together. Our marigolds are about to bloom and we have planted tomato plants and snow peas.

From time to time, we need help with fixing small items in our playground. Is there anyone who would be able to help fixing a steering wheel to our log bus? Please see me if you are able to help.

Update - Week 4 - Term 1

Hi Parents,

What a wonderul start to the term we have had.  The children have been busy learning the kindergarten rules and routines aswell as taking part in some fun activities.  Our Talk For Writing story this term is the Enormous Watermelon. Last week we innovated a new story "The Enormous Strawberry". As part of this the children made strawberry smoothies and planted marigolds in the garden. 

Just a reminder about the Nurse information session and Morning Tea on Wednesday the 4th of March from 8:45 to 9:45. Remember the kindergarten year is not only an opportunity for your child to make friends, it's a time for you to make connections and friendships aswell!



This term we will be investigating the theme of Ourselves, this will include learning about our bodies, the five senses, and identifying what makes each person unique.  As part of this, each child will bring home a bag called “All about Me”. Please follow the instructions and send the bag back to school the following day. Bags will be sent out on different days so please don’t worry if your child doesn’t bring home a bag the first day. In addition to this, can you please send in a baby photo of your child. It just needs to be a simple happy snap, we will return it a later date.

In maths we have been learning about same and different, we will be moving onto sorting and numbers later in the term.  We have also begun our “Talk for Writing” programme.  This term our story is “The Enormous Watermelon”.  Ask your child to retell it to you.

The school nurse will hold an information session later this term. I will send out more details when the date is set.

Looking forward to a wonderful year with you and your child,

Kind Regards,

Shelley, Rosa and Breanna