Music is highly valued at Phoenix Primary School. It is one of the few activities that activates, stimulates and uses the entire brain and it can also enhance self-esteem. Students at Phoenix have the opportunity to be involved in many different enriching musical experiences.


As well as a developmental classroom music program for all students in years Pre Primary to Year 6 there are opportunities to sing in the choir and/or play in the ukulele or drumming group for students in years 4 to 6. Please speak to Ms Corinne Brokken for more information and rehearsal times. 


All classes are taught by a teacher who is a qualified musician committed to ensuring children have as wide an opportunity as possible to develop their musicality and passion for music.


Phoenix is part of the Instrumental Music Schools Services program where selected students are offered free lessons on a number of instruments. This program is run by Fremantle College where children have the opportunity to perform with high school students.


There is a strong emphasis on performing both within the school, in partnership with other schools and in the wider community.








Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS)

Each year, students in year 4 are given a pre-recorded musical aptitude test by an external examiner.  We have a number of students each year who satisfy the criteria for selection for instrumental tuition in the Department of Educations's instrumental music cheme, which is conducted through the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS).


Students accepted into this program receive free group instrumental lessons and a subsidised hire rate for their instrument.  In return, they are required to practice regularly, care for the instrument and participate in a concert at the end of the year.   They are expected to remain in the program for as long as they are at Phoenix Primary School. 


The aptitude test is only one way of selecting students and is not able to identify every student who would be suitable for this program. If your child missed out, please reassure them that they are musically talented, but that the test is not always perfect!  If they are in year 5, we expect that they will have another opportunity to sit the test and gain entry to the program at the end of this year.


If your child is struggling with practising, staying motivated or managing their lessons, please ask them to come and see me or alternatively I am happy to speak to parents directly. 



Thank you to all the parents who have supported their children to enter this program.  It would be wonderful if this support could extend to the sharing and organising of lifts to the venue.   


Transport to Fremantle College is the responsibility of the parent.  If you are struggling to get your child to the program, please contact the school so that they can put you in contact with other parents.










ANZAC assembly performance - Wednesday 28 April 2021




Assembly performance - Wednesday 24 March 2021




At the assembly on Wednesday August 12, 2020 some of our staff performed for the students, 'The Empty Schoolhouse Blues'.  This was written by Corinne Brokken during the Covid-19 period. Enjoy!







Phoenix choir and musicians perform ‘Ayelevi’ 9th September 2020 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.


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