School Board

The School Board is responsible for the school's strategic direction, ensuring that Phoenix Primary School meets the present and future needs of our school community.  It is a formal mechanism for parents, carers, staff and students to participate in school decision-making.


The School Board meets four times a year. Parents and staff representatives are elected early in the year. Staff representatives elected represent all staff in the school.


Our School Board members for 2019 are:


Chairperson: Meredith Guthrie 

Principal: Margaret Pretty

Staff Representative: Francesca Coen

Staff Representative: Dave Anderson

Parent Representative: Renee Puizina

Community Representative: Ron Addison

If you would like to nominate for a position on our school board please refer to the below attachments:

School Board Nomination Information

School Board Nomination Form

You can find a copy of the minutes from each board meeting below:

Meeting held: 20 February 2019
Meeting held: 10 May 2019
Meeting held: 2 August 2019


Meeting held: 28 February 2018
Meeting held: 4 April 2018
Meeting held: 23 May 2018
Meeting held: 25 July 2018
Meeting held: 5 September 2018
Meeting held: 24 October 2018
Meeting held: 21 November 2018


We would like to introduce some of our School Board Committee Members.




My name is Francesca Coen and I am the Deputy Principal at Phoenix PS. I am delighted to be one of the staff representatives on the School Board.


During my career with the Education Department I have taught all year levels and as a specialist teacher. Before joining Phoenix PS in 2017, I was the Deputy Principal at a metropolitan school for two years. I absolutely love working at Phoenix PS and I am passionate about providing a quality education for all students.


I look forward to continuing to work with the staff, parents and children of the Phoenix community. - Francesca Coen


I am excited to be a staff representative of the School Board at Phoenix Primary School. I am currently teaching Yr 5/6, but have experience with all year levels.


Previously, I have worked as an ICT specialist. I am looking forward to using my skills and knowledge in this area at Phoenix.


It has been great to get involved in whole school approaches such a Talk 4 Writing that provide quality educational experiences for all students. Dave Anderson



I have four children, my eldest in year 6, my second eldest in year 3, and twins who will start Pre Primary in 2018. I have a Doctor of Philosophy in Botany and work two days a week as a research scientist with the Department of Agriculture and Food, WA.


I believe Phoenix Primary School provides our children with a safe nurturing environment in which to grow. - Meredith Guthrie





It is a pleasure to be a Parent Representative on the Phoenix Primary School Board.


I have two children within our school community, my eldest is in Year 6 and youngest is in Year 4.  I was born and raised in NSW and have been in Perth since 2001.


Phoenix Primary  delivers stability, safety and excellent education to both my children and I look forward to being able to contribute in the future delivery of excellence in education for our School community as a board member. - Renee Puizina



I am a member of the Phoenix Independent Public School board, standing as a community representative and as a local area member.  Previously I was a permanent teacher on staff, serving for 42 years in that role.  Now, having retired form teaching, I wish to continue to be part of this school and to contribute to its future progress.  The maintenance and enhancement of its reputation and good standing in the Cockburn area is of interest and importance to me. -
Ron Addison



I am excited to start my term as a Parent Representative on the Phoenix Primary School Board.

I have one child in Pre-Primary this year (2018) and another starting Kindy next year.  I grew up in Canada and have lived in Perth for 10 years.  I work as an environmental scientist and consultant three days a week.

I believe that Phoenix Primary provides a positive and supportive learning environment for our children and I look forward to being able to contribute to the growth of the school and the continued quality programs, experiences and education provided for our children. - Gina Fisquet




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