School Board

The School Board is responsible for the school's strategic direction, ensuring that Phoenix Primary School meets the present and future needs of our school community.  It is a formal mechanism for parents, carers, staff and students to participate in school decision-making.


The School Board meets four times a year. Parents and staff representatives are elected early in the year. Staff representatives elected represent all staff in the school.


Our School Board members for 2020 are:

  • Meredith Guthrie - Chairperson
  • Margaret Pretty - Principal
  • Wendy Conti - Staff Representative
  • Dave Walsh - Staff Representative
  • Rebecca Sedgwick - Staff Representative
  • Laura Arscott - Parent Representative
  • Gina Fisquet - Parent Representative
  • Letitia Needham - Parent Representative
  • Elizabeth Woodberry - Parent Representative
  • Lisa Wood-Smith - Parent Representative

If you would like to nominate for a position on our school board please refer to the below attachments:

School Board Nomination Information

School Board Nomination Form

You can find a copy of the minutes from each board meeting below:



Meeting held: 26 February 2021

Meeting held: 18 June 2021

Meeting held: 6 August 2021


Meeting held: 28 February 2020

Meeting held: 11 June 2020

Meeting held: 14 August 2020

Meeting held: 13 November 2020

Meeting held: 20 February 2019
Meeting held: 10 May 2019
Meeting held: 2 August 2019

Meeting held: 25 October 2019

Meeting held: 28 February 2018
Meeting held: 4 April 2018
Meeting held: 23 May 2018
Meeting held: 25 July 2018
Meeting held: 5 September 2018
Meeting held: 24 October 2018
Meeting held: 21 November 2018



We would like to introduce some of our School Board Committee Members.



I have been associated with Phoenix Primary school since 2011 as a parent and joined the board in 2016. As a member of the board I have seen many positive changes to the school in terms of behavioural policy and        increasingly beautiful grounds. I hope, as the board chair, I can serve Phoenix primary to make it a more          positive and encouraging school for our children. - Meredith Guthrie







As Principal of Phoenix Primary School since 2013, I have brought to this school a wealth of experience as a School Principal for 31 years.  My previous experience has been in such roles such as Consultant Principal Speech and Language , Principal of a Language Development Centre since 1989 and Principal of Cyril Jackson High School ESC, as well as a staffing officer for the W.A. Department of Education.  My teaching experience has been in the area of Early Childhood and children with language and intellectual disabilities to Year 10.


My philosophy is about considering the needs of the child first.  I always consider suggestions in light of what I would like for my own child.  I believe that children have a right to a quality education as this will give them choices in life and a chance to follow their dreams.  I want the children to have the option of many varied learning experiences and expand their horizons at school which then may extend to their home.  It is important to me that children enjoy their time at school and get the most out of their education academically, socially and emotionally.


I believe that Phoenix Primary School has a great future.  It is part of the Phoenix community and that we should support our local community wherever possible.  We are providing quality education for our children in a State Primary School, who achieved Independent School status through the support of our school community in 2015.  Our improvement continues as we focus on the needs of our students and our community. - Margaret Pretty




I have been the Deputy Principal at Phoenix Primary School since term 4 2019. In my 14 year teaching              career, I have been lucky enough to have taught across all year levels from Year 1 to Year 6. My previous            experience also includes being a curriculum leader, education network leader and Teacher Development School coordinator.


I believe that every child matters everyday. All students deserve the opportunity to succeed and reach              their full potential in an engaging, motivating and inclusive learning environment led by quality teaching.            As educators we need to work with the whole child and supporting their social and emotional development is essential to improving overall student learning outcomes.


Phoenix Primary School is a wonderful school full of dedicated, passionate staff who aim to provide students with a wide range of quality learning experiences. We welcome the cultural diversity in our school and enjoy working collaboratively with parents, families and the wider community. - Wendy Conti




I have been a teacher at Phoenix Primary School since 2012. I was very lucky to be able to do my ATP for my    4th year of university at this school and was then offered contracts in the years to come before being given a    permanent position at Phoenix Primary School. I have been privileged enough to teach from Kindergarten          through to Year 6. Having been at this school for so long, I have been able to form very positive relationships    with students, staff, parents and the wider community.


I have a strong interest in Social and Emotional Health and now becoming the Action Team Leader for our Be  You Program within the school has allowed me to pour my passion and time into this wonderful program. Building resilience and a strong sense of self-worth in every student is very important to me. I want students to learn these very important life skills and be able to apply them in the years to follow even after their school years are finished.


I believe Phoenix Primary School is on a great path. As a staff we are always thinking of new ways to improve our Teaching and Learning to cater for our wonderfully diverse cultural community. Our strong sense of direction has seen many positive changes take place in the school and I am so excited to be a part of what is to come in our very special school. - Rebecca Sedgwick



I am very pleased to join the Phoenix Primary School Board as a parent representative. I have one child in year one this year, and another who will be starting Kindy in 2021. I am a microbiologist, and currently work in medical research at the University of Western Australia. 


I believe strongly that access to quality education is the right of all children, and that education transforms lives. Phoenix PS has a wonderful school community and I will work to serve this community whilst a school board member. I look forward to being part of the continual growth and development of the school, for the benefit of all of the children and their families. - Laura Arscott



I am excited to be a Parent Representative on the Phoenix Primary School Board.


I have one child in Pre-Primary this year and another in Year 2.  I grew up in Canada and have lived in Perth for 12 years.  I work as an environmental scientist and consultant three days a week.


I believe that Phoenix Primary provides a positive and supportive learning environment for our children and I    look forward to being able to contribute to the growth of the school and the continued quality programs,            experiences and education provided for our children. - Gina Fisquet




I am a mum of 3 beautiful children that all go to Phoenix Primary.  I am glad to be a part of this school board, during their growth and development on to an exciting future.


I am a believer in community involvement, and am happy to assist where and when required to maximise benefits for Phoenix Primary. - Letitia Needham







Initially from Queensland, I moved to Western Australia to study Veterinary Science at Murdoch University. After graduating in 2007 I went into private mixed practice and developed my special interest in Equine Reproduction. As a keen sports enthusiast, I am regularly involved in community sports with my family. I am passionate about leading a healthy active lifestyle and being a positive role model for my children in this regard. As a member of the school board I look forward to working with the other board members to help raise the schools community profile. I hope to contribute to the school board to help ensure the students get the best education opportunities available. - Liz Woodberry 




We moved our twins to Phoenix Primary School in 2019 and we have found the organisation and communication to be outstanding, the staff welcoming, and the teachers accommodating to the unique differences of the students. 

I have a Degree in Biomedical Sciences and work in a skin cancer laboratory. I’m excited to be a parent representative on the Phoenix Primary School Board and I’m looking forward to being of assistance to this wonderful community and doing my part to help the school continue to provide a positive learning environment. - Lisa Wood-Smith

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