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Assembly Item - Term 4

Phoenix Primary School A2 Assermbly Item 2019 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

Edudance Concert

Phoenix Primary School A2 Edudance Concert 2019 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

Term 3 - Week 6 - PATHS
We explored our final emotion for this unit - Proud - each of our students received a certificate to congratulate them on their turtle progress, and then we made medals to describe what makes the children feel proud. I'm genuinely proud of how well our students have embraced their emotional intelligence lessons, and the impact it's having on our classroom. I think our year 1 teachers have an amazing bunch of kids to look forward to in 2020!

Term 3 - Week 5 - Little Red Hen
As you know, we have been studying the Little Red Hen as our 'Talk 4 Writing' text so we invited B5 in to share with us. First we performed the story to them. We were a bit nervous performing in front of an audience but we did a great job. Then we made sandwiches with them. We had lots of choices. Afterwards, we wrote  a procedure to explain how we made the sandwiches. We had a great time!

We had another very exciting day. It was the last day of our 'Talk 4 Writing' "Little Red Hen" story. So to mark the occasion, the Little Red Hen came to school for the day. She had a busy day and lots of extra treats to eat (some of your children may have eaten less lunch today)! The children learnt to take photos of her with the IPads and she looked beautiful in their shots. She has gone home for a big rest now. I'm sure she is telling the other chickens all about her adventures at school.

Term 3 - Week 5 - Buddy Classes & Computing

Mrs Clapsis' 3/4's and Pre-primary A2 have joined together to become buddies. Will have buddy class on Assembly Wednesday's, at 2.30pm. Our aim is for each child to have a regular buddy each week, who will then teach them how to log onto the computers using their own log in details. They will then teach them how to access the various programs they will be exposed to next year, such as bug club reading. The classes take place in the IT room. Each child has access to a computer. 
Also, we will soon have access to Ipads that we will use to support learning and extension in the areas of mathematics, English and science. In science we will use the Ipads to record our observations, teach the children to photograph their learning, and share their observations with other students. 

Term 3 - Week 5 - News Telling

News telling has begun very successfully - we are using a very prescribed news telling format, with the aim of building upon vocabulary and sentence structure, which will hopefully benefit the development of our students oral language skills - this will in turn assist the children when they go into year 1 and are expected to provide greater detail in their responses and observations during written and spoken tasks. 
When your child receives their news telling try not to worry too much, as we do work on the sheets together in class on the Wednesday morning before they tell their news. Additionally, if you would like to see your child's planning sheet, please let me know :). Next term I am planning to video the news telling sessions so that we can provide feedback to the students on their development.

Term 3 - Week 5 - Science Experiments
We explored clouds and rain, and conducted a science experiment using water shaving cream and food colouring to demonstrate how the rain falls from the clouds and sky. We will conduct the experiment again this week and record our observations using photos, paintings and scribed responses.

Term 3 - Week 5 - PATHS Social Emotional Learning Program
On Mondays, Pre-primary have been taking part in the whole school social emotional program, PATHS. We begin the lesson at 11.30 and work on concepts until 12.50. During this session, we have been identifying a range of basic emotion, and second tier emotions, including tired, excited, and frustrated. We have labelled comfortable feelings as 'yellow' and uncomfortable feelings as 'blue' - we have established the understanding that all feelings are okay - the actions we choose to take as a response to our emotions is the major focus. As a staff, we are trying to retrain ourselves to avoid the words 'good' and 'bad', so that our students learn to accept and explore all of their emotions in a healthy way. If you would like any further information about this please come and see me :) 

We have discussed the feeling of 'frustration'. We talked about what it looks and feels like, and then brainstormed how to deal with it. As a follow up activity, we then did a range of drawings that included explicit instructions, followed by 1-2 instructions, and finally, the children were asked to draw what makes them feel comfortable. We identified which of the art activities was 'uncomfortable' and described the physical signs of frustrated/uncomfortable as a result. 

Term 3 - Week 4 - Musica Viva
We loved the Musica Viva performance. We were treated to a beautiful musical show by four Torres Strait Island performers. They told traditional stories in songs and dances and we joined with some of them.

Numeracy and Literacy Obstacle Course
We enjoyed an indoor obstacle course focussing on literacy and numeracy! It was a fun and easy way of practicing our letters sounds and numbers. We also concentrated on positional language, using jump, hop, crawl, through and under.

Houses and Materials

In class we've been exploring materials and objects and trying to utilise found and recycled objects to create houses - we've had lots of discussion about what why and how you would build a house out of a variety of materials, and have gradually been creating art projects to represent our ideas. This week we were lucky enough to have Esther, Ella C's mum, come in for our activity time, to help the kids get a start on their house projects.

The children also painted their own houses, and needed to remember the three basics - roof, windows and walls - have a look and see how your children went with both their writing and their painting. 

Term 2 - Week 3 - Office Display

Term 2 - Mother's Day Afternoon tea
Thank you to everyone that came along this afternoon. It was wonderful to see all the children having such a great time. 

Term 1 - Week 10 - Easter Hunt
Today the Easter bunny visted A2!! The children were overjoyed with excitement when they realised he'd hidden eggs in our Pre-primary garden. 

Wishing you all a safe and happy holidays.

Term 1 - Week 9 - Cooking
This week we baked Banana and Oat Cookies. The children then wrote out the recipe and drew a diagram of their cookies.

Term 1 - WEEK 8 - Talk 4 Writing Video

Phoenix Primary School 2019 A2 Talk 4 Writing from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

Term 1 - Week 8 - Talk 4 Writing
Our Talk 4 Writing story this term is 'Thelma the Unicorn'.  The children have enjoyed engaging in the story through role play and art. See if your child can perform the oral retell of the story we have been practicing in class.

Term 1 - Week 7 - Science

An amazing science day at school on Wednesday, so many experiments, we have planted seeds, taken ivy cuttings, planted succulents, created our pet sweet potato, and dyed roses! Check out the experiment table near the door!

Term 1 - Week 6 - Broccoli Bites
We cooked Broccoli Bites to carry on our Healthy eating unit. All the children loved the bites and couldn't believe they had broccoli in them! Please ask us for the recipe as they're a quick and easy meal to cook for school lunches.

Term 1 - Week 5 - Potatoes

We planted potatoes, discussed how plants grow, and what the major needs of a plant are. We also discussed bucket filling again and prepared/cooked, from start to finish, and then recorded the process in written and illustrated form. We continued our fish observation drawing and recorded responses to the 'are, have, need' process.
Tying in to our 'growing well' unit, we traced our feet, guessed how many unifix cubes long they were, and then measured exactly how many where required.

Term 1 - Week 3 - Veggie Slice
Today we cooked Veggie slice. All the children tried a variety of vegetables including; sweet corn, carrots, zucchini and capsicum!

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