The Phoenix School Plan, Excellence, Empathy and Equity, sets the strategic direction for Phoenix Primary School for 2018 - 2020. Our plan is closely aligned to the Department of Education’s strategic plan and the Classroom First Strategy.


Phoenix Primary School recognises that every child is unique and that every child has a special gift. At our school we believe that all children are capable of learning given the right opportunities and environment.


We believe that the early years of a child’s life and schooling are critically important to their future educational success.


As students progress through our school we want them to experience a seamless journey of learning; one that builds on opportunities provided at each year level and where teachers collaborate to ensure student progress information is shared and passed on.


The plan is reflective of the Department’s Strategic Plan and links to Classroom First. We believe that teachers make the single biggest difference to the learning outcomes of our students and will therefore focus our work at supporting them to deliver quality learning and teaching opportunities.


Parents also play an important part in the education process and we will work to ensure that the parents, students and school staff work closely together.


Financial and physical resources will be allocated to those areas identified as being our focuses over the coming years.


Students’ having a safe, inclusive, supportive and nurturing environment is paramount to student success. At Phoenix Primary School, we have worked hard to ensure such an environment and will continue to do so through this plan.


Our staff and community are committed to the success of this plan and have had direct involvement in the formulation of Operational Plans. We are committed to ensuring these plans are enacted and that individuals are accountable for fulfilling their roles.


By focusing on the priorities and aspirations in this plan, I believe we will make a real difference to the students who attend Phoenix Primary School.



“We believe that the early years of a child’s life and schooling are critically important to their future educational success.”


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