At Phoenix Primary School we strongly promote a Values Program which is embedded in our school culture.  Students are recognised for exhibiting these values which will prepare them for the future.


As a community - 


We show respect:

  • we address each other in a courteous manner, using "please", "thank you", "sorry" and "excuse me"
  • we listen while others are speaking
  • we treat teachers, children and property in a respectful way
  • we share
  • we avoid put downs


We are responsible:

  • we try to resolve conflicts in an acceptable way
  • we keep our school free of litter
  • we use appropriate language


We are ready:

  • we come to class on time
  • we come to class with appropriate equipment
  • we come to class ready to learn and always complete work to the best of our ability


Phoenix Primary School recognises that every child is unique and that every child has a special gift.  At our school we believe that all children are capable of learning, given the right opportunities and environment. We believe that the early years of a child's life and schooling are critically important to their future educational success, as every day at school counts. 


As our students progress through their school life we want them to experience a seamless journey of learning; one that builds on opportunities provided at each year level and where teachers collaborate to ensure student progress information is shared. We believe that teachers make the single biggest difference to the learning outcomes of our students and will therefore focus on supporting them to deliver quality learning and teaching opportunities. 


Phoenix Primary School we work hard to ensure that every child, every day, feels safe and valued.

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