Learning from Home - Parent Information

This Learning from Home page contains information that will be very helpful during the Learning from Home phase.  Please refer to the links below for further information.

You can also click on the links under each subject area to be used as additional tasks.

Please refer to your child/ren class tab as you will find the Timetable and tasks for each week during the Learn from Home phase. Please note that all of the information you find on the website is also sent out on Connect. Connect is the preferred platform - the website is simply used as a 'back up' or an alternative if Connect is running slow.  

A How to Guide For Students to Log onto Connect
When you click on the link above you will see full instructions on how to log onto the student Connect page.  There is also a QR Code located at the end of the document for a SUPER EASY way to log on.  

Department of Education WA Learning From Home Website

Learning from Home - Tips For Parents

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