You can click on the links below to view the weekly timetables created for A1.  The timetables are also located on Connect. 

Week 9 (Mon, Tue, Fri) - Term 1 - Timetable

Week 9 (Wed & Thu) - Term 1 - Timetable

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Cooking Fun! - Week 8
On Friday, we had a good time making mini quiches. They are easy to make and are cooked in muffin tins. The quiches had sandwich bread bases instead of pastry and were filled with grated vegetables and cheese. All the kids thought it was great fun making them. 
Nearly all the kids enjoyed eating them!

Get Lost, Germs! - Week 7

Today we had an informative but fun session learning about how germs are spread. The germs (glitter mixed into sunscreen - sorry if there is now a little bit of sparkle through your home) were everywhere that we touched. Then we found out that they didn't wash off with plain water - we needed to use soap and then they were gone. Any "germs" left on our hands were wiped off onto paper towel and went into the bin.
This was a great way to help our children understand the need to take care to stay healthy, now in the current Coronavirus situation, but also to guard against the many other viruses that are always present.
We need to be positive role models to the children. They look to us to reassure them. So while we need to follow the guidelines and we can't be flippant about the Coronavirus, we don't want our children to be frightened and anxious. We need to be strong role models and to show them that though we are having to make some changes in our lives, we still live in a safe country where we have excellent health facilities and plenty of food and resources. 

Swimming Superheroes - Week 7

Swimming lessons are over but the kids had lots of fun. It is so important to learn to swim in this country where we spend so much time outside, often near areas of water. Thank you for supporting this learning area. All the children participated well with good listening and focus on the tasks. They tried their hardest and all made progress. 

Colour Mixing in Art Lessons - Week 5
Over the last 2 art sessions, we have been exploring Primary and Secondary colours - we have identified that red, blue and yellow are primary colours, and that secondary colours can be produced by mixing combinations of the primaries. 
In the first stage, students were asked to predict what the colour mixing results would be and then observe the results. 
Yesterday we read a storybook written from the perspective of a blind child, who could taste, smell and feel colours - we wanted to encourage the students to describe their experiences of colour with a wider range of vocabulary, to further enhance their written and visual observations. 
In the second stage, we asked the students if using different tools would alter the results of the colour mixing; again they were asked to predict what they would see. We completed the activity and recorded their responses as a group on our Sketchbook page on the smart board which I will upload for you next week. 
One of the underlying aims of both activities in to encourage responses, predictions and reasoning for their results, which will help the children to conduct experiments and investigations in both science and maths in the future.

Plant Parts and a Class Walk - Week 5

Today we discussed plant parts, plant needs and plant growth - we predicted how much our class plant had grown, and created a class sentence describing what we observed. "Sussy did not grow taller but now he has four leaves. We thought that it was a dietes, because we found a dietes seed." We are trying to decide if Sussy is a dietes or a kangaroo paw.

We used our new sketchpad to illustrate the parts of a plant, after a walk in the school rose garden to explore flowers and buds. Some of our students had a go at drawing on the sketchpad and then we labelled it together and created another sentence. It's hard to write neatly on there!

Next science lesson, we will complete growth charts, create our own flowers and complete a labelling activity! We are busy little bees!

Time for Writing - Week 5

We are learning how to write a sentence. We know that we start with a capital letter, put spaces between words and put a full stop on the end. We are amazing!

PATHS - Week 5

Yesterday, we held our second group PATHS lesson with A2 - we introduced circle time and the rules of PATHS; we learned our new Bucket Fillers chant; we read "Franklin goes to School" and discussed the lessons that Franklin learned on his first day; we sang 'I had a little turtle' and acted out the song; we explained that in our PATHS lessons, in our circle, and similarly to a puzzle, there cannot be any broken links, all our students need to be included and supported - we explained to the children that when one of our students is left out, they become the missing piece of our 'puzzle and that class will not run smoothly without them. In addition, an unhappy, left out student will dip our buckets as well as theirs. We then consolidated these beliefs by completing puzzle piece pictures of every child present, and we will join all of the pieces together to make a Pre-primary mural. If you require any further information about PATHS and Bucket filling, there is a lot of information on the internet, or you can come and discuss the topics with your Pre-primary teachers. In preparation for the weeks ahead, please have talks with your children about feelings and explain that all feelings are valid and important, it's the action we take in reaction to the emotion that counts most. We are going to be labelling feelings as comfortable (yellow) and uncomfortable (blue); please feel free to explore this concept with your children, and perhaps talk about which feelings might be comfortable/uncomfortable - which feelings can your child label? which feelings have they struggled to comprehend?


After initially starting the discussion of staying safe - based around the idea that 'everyone has the right to feel safe' - with our class, I found that it would be better to go back to concepts of basic body safety, and chose Sun Safety as a starting point for engaging children with 'safety' and 'protection'. We had class discussions over two sessions about how to stay safe in Summer, and the responses each child gave are recorded on their artworks - in some cases the children wanted to have a go at writing what was scribed, and in others, the children were happy for us to write their responses.
We will continue to build their understanding of these words and the vocabulary associated with them and will then move towards Protective behaviours, which will include 'Feeling Safe', 'Early Warning Signs' and 'Problem Solving'. As we delve further into the topic, I will provide more detail to you about which activities we will be completing and why. 


Each day our mathematics rotations change, but they are always an engaging, hands on experience for our students! We are learning how to recognise numbers, subitise, and participate in games requiring mathematical skills - turn taking, reading numbers, counting how many on a dice, counting forward and backward, and recognising shapes and patterns...soon we will introduce Uno and memory to our repertoire!


Today was an eventful day...we went on an adventure to find the Green Sheep using QR codes, and explored the important buildings we would be utilising this year. When we found the green sheep QR code, we also found our new class pet, a baby plant! The plant's name is 'Sussy', voted by the children and the children have been charged with the task of helping it grow so that we can work out if it is a dietes or a kangaroo paw! We also watched a meet the teacher power point presentation today so the children could get to know me a bit better. We painted a self portrait today, with the goal of incorporating all the body parts that include our senses. Using WILT (what I'm looking for) we brainstormed all the parts of the body that would need to be included in the painting. We also assessed our students pencil grip today, and have recorded which body parts the children were able to include in their painting.
Tomorrow will be another busy but exciting day - thoughtful Thursday, the day we explore art and PATHS our whole school social emotional program, where we explore feelings and how to deal with them.

My name is Lorna McCann-Pearson - the children all call me Miss Lorna, a name given to me by my Pre-kindy students years ago that has just stuck! I'll be teaching your children on Wednesday and Thursday each week. This week I will be teaching all day Wednesday, but in future I will teach from 10am on Wednesday, and all day Thursday.

During my time with your children I will be teaching Protective Behaviours, Health, PATHS, Science, Measurement and Geometry, Art, Words Grammar and Fun (term 2) and mathematics blocks. I will provide more information on each learning area shortly. 

I have met all of your children and I'm really looking forward to working in partnership with Anne Papaluca and our assistant, Tanya Arnoldi, as we support your children on their journey through Pre-primary. 

Tomorrow I will have table-top activities and puzzles set out for your children to complete with you. Please feel free to come and introduce yourselves to me (I am more than happy for parents to stay until the siren rings :)), and of course, if your child is upset, please let me know and I will help you out. 

Anne and I will provide more details about our class and its structure over the coming weeks, but please know that we are happy to accept emails or letters if there is personal information about your child that you need us to know straight away.
Kindest regards,
Miss Lorna 

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