LEARN FROM HOME - during Covid-19

You can click on the links below to view the weekly timetables created for B4.  The timetables are also located on Connect.


Week 10 - Term 1 - Timetable

Week 9 - Term 1 - Timetable Mon 30 March & Tue 31 March

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Midweek Update! _ Week 4 - Term 3

As well as B4's successes this week, on Wednesday and Thursday we continued working on our Procedural Texts,  focusing on 'The Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl, to find Similes and other figurative language. We also began to create our own food Superhero in Health and continued work on our Abstract masks in Art. Maths consisted of Number work in the Lab and we also conducted a 'Chance' experiment with coins,  which was good fun too! 



Science - Day & Night - Week 2 - Term 3

This term our focus for science is day and night. We have begun learning about the Earth's rotation in its axis and how this causes day and night and also the seasons throughout the year. B4 enjoyed learning about the sizes of the Sun, Earth and the Moon and the comparison between them. Today we used different sized objects to represent the Sun, Moon and Earth to demonstrate the distance between these objects in our Solar System. Did you know the Sun is 150 million kilometres away from the Earth?



Maths Fun Outside - Week 8 - Term 2

On one of sunnier days, B4 enjoyed getting outside and learning about using 1 metre rulers and discussing how to convert from metres to centimetres.  We had fun competing in a bean bag throwing competition with a partner and compared our results. We have some very talented beam bag throwers in B4.



B4 Office Display - Week 4 - Term 2


Arraybots - Recognising and representing multiplication using arrays. 






Week 2 - Term 2

What a fantastic week for B4!
I am so proud of how each and every student has settled back into classroom routines.
They have all worked really hard this week and we completed so many different tasks and activities.
This week we began our new Talk for Writing text, 'The truth about trolls'. This is our model text for the term. We will be learning about informational texts and their different features.
In numeracy we explored multiplication and arrays.

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine this weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all of our the lovely mums. Hope you all have a great weekend!




Term 2 Update

Thank you for your ongoing support during this time. I can’t wait to see all the students back in the classroom.

Just a little bit of information ready for tomorrow. If you are choosing to keep your child/ren at home, they are able to access everything on Connect. If they have any questions, they are able to start a discussion or email me. 

If your child/ren are coming back to school, please ensure they have all of the necessary equipment they need as there will be no sharing of anything while they are at school. They will need to bring any of the books and other equipment that was sent home with them back to school. Please ensure they all have their own lunch boxes and drinks bottles. They will also need their own hats, as we will not be allowed to provide them with spares.


This new way of learning may take sometime to get used to but we are all in this together and everything being put in place is to keep everyone safe.

Happy Easter! Week 10 - Term 1
Wishing everyone a very safe and happy Easter! Enjoy this very special break with your family and remember no work over the school holidays. We will check in with you all very soon.
Stay safe and take care!

Connect - Week 8 - Term 1
Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all keeping well. I have been missing seeing everyone's lovely little faces at work but the safest place during this time is at home.

I know Connect is going to take some getting used to (I'm still figuring it out too)
Students are to use their logins that they use at school. We have been practising logging on at school this week.

Google chrome is the best internet app to be using at home. Type Connect.det into the browser and students are to put their username and password into the box provided.

They then need click on classes and choose B4.
They will see all notices just like parents. I have started placing some documents in the library tab. I have placed studyladder logins and splash maths logins. Unfortunately, there was no way of me doing this individually for each child so I am trusting each child to only use their OWN login and not anyone else's. I can monitor this my end but please encourage this at home too.

Once I get more familiar with using Connect, I will put more up.

I have also placed links on the summary page (just scroll down) and you'll see them all. These links take each child directly to any important links they'll need to be using.

Thank you again for all your support during this time. I will keep adding more, so be ready for lots of Connect notifications

Take care and stay safe,
Miss Sedgwick

Online Access Khan Academy - Week 8 - Term 1

I have organised online access to the Khan Academy website - https://www.khanacademy.org/  for your child.  Rebecca and I will be setting tasks and recommending videos for your child to watch next term.  Please email me direct so that I can send you your child's username and password.

Message from your B4 Teachers - Week 8 - Term 1

You’re doing a great job parents!

I just wanted to share some information I read on the internet and thought it would be useful to share with you.  As many of you are choosing to homeschool your children you have now taken on the extra role as “Teacher”. This can be an overwhelming feeling but it doesn’t have to be.

 And to all of those parents out there still working and providing the community with support and resources, I thank you and appreciate all that you are doing!

Take it easy on yourself!

Although some parents may have the time and resources to throw themselves into intense homeschooling mode overnight, it’s not realistic for most people. Expectations and guidance vary greatly from school to school (and even teacher to teacher), so what one family is doing with their kids might not make sense for yours. Remember that we’re modelling for our kids that we don’t have to strive for perfection or imitate what other are doing.

Let them get bored.

Kids are used to having lots of structured activities and near-constant visual stimuli at their fingertips. Letting them sit with the discomfort of boredom may be really hard at first — for all of you — but it’s worth it to let them struggle. Imagination, creativity, and self-discovery blossoms during boredom.

Lean into reading

Maintaining and building reading skills will serve students at every level. While younger kids love being read to by a parent, you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting. Actors are reading children’s books aloud online, and audiobooks are more accessible than ever. While most public libraries are closed, many offer electronic downloads of e-books. Whenever possible, let kids choose their own books. Following a child’s interest is more important than identifying the right reading level; when motivated by their own curiosity, kids can stretch their reading comprehension.

It’s OK if you hate maths

Unless you love exploring math with your kids, go easy on yourself with this one. And since most parents are unfamiliar with — and even afraid or suspicious of — the current approaches to math, you’re really off the hook here.

Luckily, there are many high quality online resources for math, such as Khan Academy and Studyladder. Younger kids can use flash cards to maintain or build automaticity with their math facts, and they can do it on their own, without an adult or a computer.

Don’t forget home economics

This is the perfect time for them to learn key life skills, such as cleaning, cooking, laundry and pet care.

Be intentional with screen time

It’s helpful to separate screen time for school from screen time for leisure, so encourage kids to switch gears with some physical cues — for instance, have them use a computer at a desk for schoolwork and later watch a movie on the TV while sitting on the couch. Enjoy family movie nights too.

Let them enjoy art/crafts/meditation/dance/yoga

This is great for anxiety and mental health. All of these activities provide an outlet for children to deal with what’s going on in the world around them.

Model self-care

This is an anxiety-provoking time, so it’s important to take care of our own mental health, whether that’s accessing a care provider by phone, enjoying our favourite comfort food or going for a daily walk — whatever it is that works for us, given the parameters of social distancing or even shelter-in-place requirements.

Let kids feel their feelings

Social-emotional skills are at the core of all meaningful learning and are key to our overall well-being. While our kids may not always have access to ideal instruction in their academic subjects, they can still learn essential emotional literacy skills that will serve them their entire lives. Acknowledging their feelings and worries make them feel they are being heard and valued.

Stay safe and take care everyone.

Miss Sedgwick and Ms Clapsis

Maths Games - Week 7 - Term 1
We love our maths games and thinks it's the best way to learn and consolidate new skills and concepts. Today the class enjoyed using our mental maths strips and playing fraction games against their partners.

Great work B4! I really enjoyed watching you cooperate and learn in a fun and hands on way!

Our Fraction Garden - Week 7 - Term 1
Over the past 2 weeks, B4 have enjoyed learning about fractions and fractions of shapes. We have created our own garden full of fractions flowers. Each child has represented their flower in a differ ent way and then created a fraction story.

They also created a picture of them flying a kite and used fractions to describe the colours chosen and represented in their kite.

Buddy Class - Week 4 - Term1
On Tuesdays we meet our A1 preprimary buddy class in the computer lab.  The B4 children are teaching their buddies how to turn on the computer and log in. Then they have a short time teaching them how to do Paint.  It is a very enjoyable session for all involved.  As the term progresses we will be able to move onto more difficult tasks.

Maths Games - Week 1 - Term 1

This week students' have enjoyed learning many new games to help consolidate and build their fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. One of the games they really enjoyed is called Numero.

This game uses cards and they have to create  a number sentence. Whoever ends up with the most points wins.
They all said how much fun it was!

Great work B4


Welcome to B4.

We would like to say how proud we are of the students in B4. They are already working very hard during their lessons and have all settled in very well.
We will be holding our class meeting in the next few weeks and we will send out classroom newsletters to keep everyone updated too.
It's been wonderful to meet many of you and we look forward to seeing you all at the class meeting.
Thank you,
Maria Clapsis and Rebecca Sedgwick


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