You can click on the links below to view the weekly timetables created for B5.  The timetables are also located on Connect. 

Week 9 - Term 1 Timetable

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Science - Week 3 - Term 1

In Science, the year 2's have been focusing on non-living and living things. The children have gained an understanding of what living things are: people, plants and animals and what they need to stay alive.

Today the children had to walk around the school grounds and identify non and living things. They had so much fun!

Have a wonderful long weekend and I'll see you all on Tuesday ready for swimming lessons.

B5 Parent Information Session - Week 3 - Term 1
Dear Parents,

Crunch and sip

Phoenix Primary School participates in the Crunch and Sip program which involved students stopping mid morning for a Crunch of fresh fruit or vegetable and a Sip of water.  Children bring in their fruit or vegetable and water bottle into the class each morning.

No Hat No Play

During Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4 students must wear a hat for sport and breaks.  Hats must be remembered each day and kept in their school bags.


We want everyone in school uniform every day. They faction shirts are fine to wear on Tuesday for physical education. The Department of Education have a no denim policy for both students and teachers.

Parent meetings

Parents are always welcome to come in and say “Hi” and to pass on any quick messages. I also encourage you to come in every now and then to have a look at our classroom displays and discuss with your child their work displayed.  If you would like to meet for a discussion on your child’s progress or any concerns you may have please make an appointment with me.


If your child is ill they should stay home.  Parents or guardians must inform the school either by text, in writing or by telephoning the office when the student is absent.  If you arrive at school late or need to take your child out of school early, you must first go to the office and sign them in or out.

Behaviour Management

We focus on positive reinforcement.  This is predominantly through modelling a positive attitude.  Our class motto is “Be the Best you can Be”. The power of positive verbal feedback and encouragement to motivate students cannot be underestimated.  We have a rewards system called “Dojos” where students are given points for a variety of reasons – being on task, persistence, working hard, team work, good listening, helping others etc. 

We also have a traffic light system for unacceptable classroom behaviour. This behaviour generally entails distracting others, purposefully ignoring/not following an instruction, disrespecting others or property etc. For this behaviour first students receive a verbal warning, if the behaviour continues their peg moves from a smiley green face to a less smiley yellow face.  If a student’s peg is moved, we actively look for a positive in the student’s behaviour as a way to encourage better choices and move the peg back a step as fast as possible. This is usually more than enough to encourage a change in behaviour however if it continues the peg is moved to a concerned orange face.  If the behaviour continues the peg is moved to a red sad face at which point the student is moved to another class for 5 minutes. This is not something which would happen often, however if it does we notify parents. 

Students are aware of our expectations to show respect to everyone including themselves, it is modelled and regularly discussed.  

All children are innately good, some need to test boundaries but having set procedures, consistency and routine generally helps children to feel comfortable and happy which is reflected in their behaviour. 


Having a split Y2/Y3 is not too different from a straight class. I differentiate lessons to meet the individual needs of the students.  For example, in numeracy we look at time, Y2 curriculum expects that students can tell the time, quarter to and quarter past the hour. In Y3 the expectation is to tell the time to the minute.

Literacy – We use a program called Letters and Sounds and Words their Way where students are streamed to their current knowledge levels, there are 3 classes split into 7 groups for an intense half an hour session Monday – Thursday mornings at 9am.

We also focus on a program called Talk4Writing. It focuses on the language in a story and practicing orally and physically using common action to represent words. From there we fully immerse in this story dissecting it to work on the literacy focus.

Science changes each term, this term it is Chemical Sciences for Y3 and Biological Sciences for Y2. 

HASS – We will look at Geography for the first 2 terms and Term 3 and 4 will be History, however this could change due to integrating the learning intentions.


Homework is not intended to be hard or a chore.  It is to consolidate what is being done at school.  Practice makes progress!


Reading is the most important thing!   If you only have a small amount of time, always use it to read.  We have books for home readers, the books should not be too hard.  Reading at home is to help students with fluency and comprehension.  Try to have discussions with your child about what happened? Why? What would you do? And so on. It is important students are not just reading the words but are reading the story.  

When your child is reading please give them time.  Using the pictures to help “guess” the word is fine (we call it using the clues) after being exposed to the word a few times they are usually able to recall it.

Keeping a book for a 2 or 3 days is great for early readers, repetition is great for confidence and fluency. 

Please always encourage and promote students reading.

Queries or Concerns

If you are having a difficult time encouraging your child to read at home please come and see me, however there are some ideas to help in their reading folder.

If the school books are not of interest to your child let them read what they enjoy, you are more than welcome to read magazines, early novels, poems, any reading is good.  10-15 mins a night is enough.  If they are tired, read to them or leave it and try again the next day. 

Show interest in your child’s reading, recognise their effort and offer positive comments.


Students will do news once a week, this is to promote oral language development and student’s confidence in speaking during small group situations. At home an informal discussion about the topic and what they might want to say will really help students when it comes to their time to share.

Homework - Week 2 - Term 1

Dear Parents,


Each student was given a homework book yesterday. They have been asked to complete two pages of the book each week, if they would like to. The homework book should be kept in their home reading file and brought to school each day. The students know exactly what to do and it will be their responsibility. I know everyone has very busy schedules, so please do not worry if your child isn’t able to participate in the homework program.


The first benefit of homework is that it allows students and teachers to work more closely together. Homework is purposeful learning that occurs outside of the classroom which is set by the classroom teacher.  Homework benefits students by complementing classroom learning and providing opportunities for students to be responsible for their own learning.


Homework is an instructional technique that provides students with opportunities to deepen and practice their understanding and skills, relative to content that has been presented to them.


Homework is not compulsory and should not be a hard task for your child. I understand they all need time to relax and take their minds off school work. The pressure of having to complete homework every night is quite daunting for most children and they need time to refresh their minds and bodies too.

Week 1 - Term 1

Dear Parents,

This week the students have settled in very well and are getting familiar with the daily routines of B5.

The most important part of the week, was making sure all the children felt safe and secure in their new learning environment. To achieve this, we have been building strong and respectful relationships with each other. I am getting to know each unique student and how they like to learn. We have been taking part in lots of ice-breaking activities and games, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed.

In Maths, we have had lots of fun activities, warming up with skip counting in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and identifying odd and even numbers.

In Literacy, we have been focusing on sentence building in which the students have identified that a simple sentence is a group of words that contains a subject, a verb and expresses a complete thought.

Looking forward to an amazing year in 2020!  I have so much planned for us and I hope it is a year of learning, excitement and growth for your child.

Home Readers & Library Books

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am looking forward to getting to know you all and starting our learning journey together. Year 2/3 will be a very busy but fun and exciting year.

Home Reading

At Phoenix, we greatly value reading and recognise how important it is to help children to learn and make progress. We are very grateful to parents/carers for their support with reading at home. Today Each child has received their home reading and library book. I hope you will continue to fill in the parent’s comments and sign each time you share a book with your child. 

If you have any questions or want to speak to me, please feel free to pop in after school.

How does your child learn?

Most children learn words from everyday conversation and from reading books regularly.

Usually a child of 6-8 years old encounters 6-7 new words a day, whereas a child of 8-12 years old learns 12 new words a day.

Although your child will read new words, they usually rely on hearing words 10-20 times before it becomes part of their ‘vocabulary’.

Welcome To B5!

Dear Families,

I wanted to start by welcoming everyone to the year 2/3 class for 2020. We have 9 year two students and 11 year three students, who have settled in beautifully and I am very excited for the year ahead. We are also lucky to have a Year 3 class next door in B4 with Miss Clapsis and Miss Sedgwick. Miss Lawson has a year two class and we will be working closely with both classes throughout the year.

Our class will be a team; we will support each other and lift each other up. In our class kindness matters and we all do our best to succeed. Together we will create amazing things.

Phoenix Primary School participates in the crunch and Sip program which involves students bringing in a piece of raw fruit or vegetable to crunch on, during a mid-morning break. Please make sure your child brings a water bottle with fresh water in each morning, to sip on throughout the day.

No hat no play - All students need to have a hat during physical activities, sports and play breaks. Students are welcome to leave their hat in their tray at school if they wish.

Physical Education – This will be on a Tuesday each week; the students are encouraged to wear the sport’s top on this day.

Library – B5 will have library on Thursdays each week. Students must have a library bag to borrow a book. I have a library tub which will be placed out on Thursdays; students will be encouraged to place their returning library book in the tub when they enter the classroom in the morning. We will exchange the books later in the day.

Home Readers and Homework – This will start next week; students are encouraged to read at home to consolidate the work we are doing at school. I will forward more information at a later date.

Class and parent meetings – I will be arranging a time for a parent meeting in the next week or 2 as an opportunity to inform you about what will be happening in class and get to know you all.

Connect – Connect is a communication app which I love and use quite regularly! If you are new or need help remembering passwords etc please see Cath Wyatt in the front office to help set you up.

Please always feel welcome to pop in and say hi or arrange a meeting if you would like a more in depth discussion.

I look forward to a great year ahead and seeing you all soon.

Kind regards – Mrs Railton


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