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Term 3 - Assembly Item

Phoenix Primary School B5 Assembly Item 2019 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

Edudance Concert

Phoenix Primary School B5 Edudance Concert 2019 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

Term 3 - Week 4 - Zucchini Muffins
The children focused on a procedure text, the purpose of a procedure writing task, is to tell the reader how to do or make something. The information is presented in a logical sequence of events. The children then baked Zucchini Muffins and wrote a procedure text about the process. 

They were very tasty!

Term 3 - Week 4 - Musica Viva
Today, Musica Viva performed for the whole school. The program specialises in bringing the very best live music direct to schools. The children enjoyed an interactive live music performance which was entertaining and engaging. The name of the performers were a group called Wyniss. They performed a variety of musical numbers and dance choreography for the students. The performers were able to actively familiarise students with different types of Indigenous music that incorporated various drums and stringed instruments, and provided students with an opportunity to participate throughout.

B5's thoroughly enjoyed the incursion!

Term 3 - Week 2

We have been very busy doing our normal day to day general activities. The children are all improving in their reading and spelling tasks. Its been wonderful to observe.

Edu-Dance - the children are thoroughly enjoying the creative hip-hop dance program. Edu-dance provides children with the opportunity to be part of a fun and energetic dance. I am seeing some wonderful dance moves. The children have got rhythm!

In Literacy, we have been focusing on the importance of punctuation in our writing pieces. We have discussed the role it plays and how using the wrong punctuation marks can change the meaning of sentences which often  make no sense.

Cross country is fast approaching, so the B5's have been practicing their running/jogging skills to complete the race in a timely manner.

In Maths last week we have been working with flipping, sliding and rotating shapes. The students have also been working on location and transformation, specifically with mapping the key buildings of Phoenix Primary and drawing key features of the play area on grid paper. Please feel free to come into the classroom and take a look at your childs work displayed.

The year three and year two children were all given a learning content program to take home. This gives you an insight to what your child will be focusing on throughout the term. If you didnt receive one please let me know.

Term 3 - Week 1 - Where did the week go?

Another exciting week for the B5's.

During Literacy sessions the children have been focusing on the book 'The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark.' We have looked closely at the introduction and build up encouraging correct paragraph structure in their narrative texts. They have concentrated on contractions, apostrophise and verbs within the story. 

In Maths, the students have been focusing on money. Engaging with a variety of money activities. They have been forming all the different combinations of coins that they can use to make one dollar, two dollars, five dollars and so on. They have also been working extensively with combined item purchases and the associated total cost. We have also been working on looking at the price of items and if we can afford certain items based upon the supplied money amounts. 

It is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to Mrs Craven and Peter. Peter has moved area so is unable to attend Phoenix Primary due to the long travel. This means Mrs Craven no longer holds the position of Education Assistant in B5. On Friday afternoon, we wished them all the very best with a special afternoon tea. The children made popcorn, fairy bread and cupcakes. We hope they stay in touch and visit Phoenix Primary often. 

Term 2 - Week 10 - NAIDOC Week


We have started our NAIDOC celebrations at Phoenix Primary School. NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee’. The purpose of this committee is to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements and is an opportunity to recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and our society.


To celebrate, the children took part in a virtual reality incursion. A company visited our school and held their ‘Interact with Aboriginal Australian’ workshops with each class. During these workshops, students became immersed in the Aboriginal culture through interactive games, videos and an animated film outlining.

The virtual reality experience allowed every child to experience the scenario with their own headset, using a 360 degree angle. This virtual reality experience is a powerful educational tool that excited, inspired and delivered a shared experience for all classes.

We will be celebrating NAIDOC week throughout the week with a school assembly and planned whole school activities.


Term 2 - Week 8 - Dietitian Program

On Mondays, we have been having dietitian sessions.

The visitor promotes healthy eating in children through knowledge building activities, class room education, and developing food preparation skills. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the program and are starting to look at the nutritional information on the packaging of all products. They now know how to work out how much sugar is in soft drinks and processed foods. I think they were very shocked to find out in one Slushie there is 21 teaspoons of sugar. Im sure the children are passing on their valuable knowledge to you.

Term 2 - Week 8 - Forensic Science Incursion

Yesterday the students took part in the Forensic Science workshop. The purpose of this incursion, was to engage the children with scientific techniques that demonstrate how science works in the real world.

During the workshop a make believe crime had been committed and it was the responsibility of the B5's to work together to piece together the evidence.

The children were able to explore the crime scene and investigate the clues and evidence. They worked as a team interpreting and analysing all the evidence provided.

This included finding, developing and characterising fingerprints, investigating impressions, identifying hairs and fibres.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the incursion and I'm sure they would of mentioned the Koala Poo.

Term 2 - Week 7 - Capacity and Volume

In Maths this week we are focusing on appropriate units to measure volume and capacity. The students will also be taught to compare and order volume and capacity using the terms greater than, less than and equal.

To help support this concept at home, the year two parents - can provide your children with jugs, containers, plastic cups and bottles to experiment with in a water tray, sink or the bath at bath time. Encourage them to use vocabulary such as full, empty, more than, less than, half and investigate which containers hold the most water. If using a water tray you could add a small amount of food colouring to the water so it is easier to see the amount of liquid it contains.

Children in Years 3 can practice reading measurements on jugs when cooking and become aware of capacity when shopping.

Term 2 - Week 5

I have been so proud of all the children this week during swimming lessons. They have been on their best behaviour and taken responsibility for all their items. 

We have been focusing on various numeracy strategies this week for example:  part - part - whole, number lines and partitioning. The children have been working independently, in pairs and as a team.

B5 have organised a fundraiser, donating to Story Dogs. The students have made posters, flyers and leaflets to promote the cause to the whole school. They have done a marvellous job!

Term 2 - Week 5 - Swimming Lessons

Yesterday swimming lessons commenced and I was very proud of all the students remembering their bathers, towels, thongs, dressing gown and goggles. Nobody lost any items, which hopefully that will continue. The children were very excited and had a wonderful time during their lesson. The sun was shining too! 

Term 2 - Week 3 & 4

Hi Everyone,


Math - Reading an analogue and digital clock is a tricky skill to master. Year two are learning to tell the time to the quarter hour and then to the nearest five minutes. Year three are learning about the 24-hour clock, therefore at this point, they will start looking at digital time. We have all been focusing on arrays which are a pictorial representation to help children understand the relationship between multiplication and division.


Literacy – The children have been introduced to Meerkat Mail and have been studying the descriptive language used and sentence structure of the text. We are focusing on proper nouns, apostrophes and onomatopoeia's. They have also completed a Meerkat Report which has been displayed in the classroom. Feel free to come in and take a look!


STEM – B5’s worked with their buddy class C2, participating in a fun hands on STEM activity. The children demonstrated problem solving, team building skills and how to overcome challenges. The Buddies were involved in creating a high tower out of pipe cleaners. The highest tower won the competition, however they faced many challenges along the way such as: working together with one hand behind their back, working together using hand suggestions and working together blindfolded.


On Friday Mr Sain brought in an enormous beetroot for the whole class to observe.  This fitted in well because in Science we have been focusing on forces (push and pull) and we had been looking at ‘The Enormous Turnip.’ B5 were very lucky because Mr Sain came into the classroom to share his knowledge and answered any questions the students asked.

We all got to try some tasty beetroot too!


Year threes have been very busy this term preparing and participating in NAPLAN. Only one more test to go which is Numeracy and that will start tomorrow at 9.00am.


I am so proud of all the children they are working very hard to be the best they can be.

Term 2 - Week 2
Hi Everyone!

This week the children have been involved in lots of nature play due to one of the big trees losing a very big branch after the stormy weather. During lunch and breaks Mrs Pretty has been supervising the students having a wonderful time climbing, jumping, hiding and sliding on the branch.

In Science our topic is Physical, today we focused on push and pull forces. The children learnt all about gravity and what objects couldn't work without the Earth's gravity.

The children have been using their imaginations to write fantastic narrative stories. They are really getting to grips with the structure of a narrative which includes introduction, build up, problem, solution and ending.

In Maths we have been looking at time focusing on quarter to and quarter past. 

During art we have been thinking about our brilliant mum's who do so much for us. We have been very busy making lots of things for you all to enjoy this Sunday. Have a wonderful Mother's Day you are all amazing.

Term 2 - Welcome Back!
Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to term two!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter break and relaxing holiday.

It's been wonderful seeing all the students walk into the classroom with smiling faces. They are ready for a busy and exciting term ahead. The students are already in full swing of the class routine.

We had a lovely first day yesterday. All the students created a postcard letting me know what they got up to in the school holidays. They had fun making creative pictures during art. In Maths we focused on skip counting and place value. 

In regards to homework, please continue to read with your child and make sure they change their home readers on a regular basis. The year three's will be given some challenges each day to make sure they are prepared for NAPLAN. The Year two's will be given their new homework books. I know some families find it difficult to manage homework with busy schedules etc. Always remember homework is not compulsory, please do not worry if your child is unable to complete their homework book.

I am looking forward to another amazing term ahead. If you have any queries or concerns please don't hesitate to make an appointment to see me.

Kind Regards
Tracey Railton

Term 1 - Week 9 - Update

On Friday it is Purple Haze day where students can wear purple and bring a gold coin donation for the Star Light Foundation. The staff will also be hosting a cake stall to help with the ongoing fundraising to have the old undercover area resurfaced. Students can bring some money and buy themselves a treat.

The year 2/3 students in History have been focusing on ANZAC Day. They now know this is a special day held every year on 25th April. On ANZAC Day, people take the time to remember and say thank you to our military men and women who gave their lives fighting for their country. The students have engaged in a variety of activities such as PowerPoints, ANZAC Poems, stories, comprehension tasks and art works.

In writing this week we have been focusing on narrative text structures. The students have identified key features of narratives which include an Introduction, build up, problem, solution and ending. They are experimenting with varied punctuation marks in their writing such as capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, and commas. They have all been introduced to Kung Fu Punctuation which they love.

For Science we are investigating substances and what happens when we mix certain substances together. The students are using a variety of adjectives when they have to describe what is happening when the materials mix together. A lot of predicting, observing and investigating has been happening.

Keep up the great work B5!

Term 1 - Week 8 - Update
I can't believe it's the end of week eight already!

This week in Numeracy we have been focusing on fractions, identifying and representing fractions such as one whole, 1/2,1/4, 3/4, 1/3, 3/4 and 1/8.  We have also started to look at 3D shapes and their properties - faces, edges and vertices.

In Literacy we are continuing with our talk4writing program. The focus this week was persuasive letter writing and persuasive texts for the year threes. We have looked at conjunctions and technical vocabulary incorporating these strategies into their writing pieces.

It is really important to keep reminding your children to change their home readers on a regularly basis.  Reading is the key!

For History the children have been introduced to ANZAC day and the importance of it.

In Science, we have looked at many different materials and the properties of these materials. The children today have been observing mixtures and not everything can mix together. The children have made predictions, recorded their observations and reflected on their findings.

The class have been very busy and I am super proud of them all.

Term 1 - Week 7 - Office Display

Term 1 - Week 4 - B5

In Room B5 we have had a very busy few weeks. We always try to have a positive attitude by having a Growth Mindset in order to reach our learning goals.

We have been learning about: Varied materials in Science. In HASS we have been observing Kings Park and the botanical gardens. In Writing, we are focusing on descriptive texts. We have started to read varied material and using the internet to gather lots of information. In Numeracy we have been exploring measurement and addition/subtraction word problems.

Welcome to B5

I wanted to start by welcoming everyone to the year 2/3 class for 2019. We have 15 year two students and 7 year thee students in our B5 classroom. I am very excited for the year ahead! We are also lucky to have a Year 1/2 class in B1 with Miss Lawson and a Year 3 class in B4 with Miss Clapsis. I will be working closely with both teachers throughout the year.

Our class will be a team; we will support each other and lift each other up. In our class kindness matters and we all do our best to succeed. Together we will create amazing things.

Phoenix Primary School participates in the crunch and Sip program which involves students bringing in a piece of raw fruit or vegetable to crunch on, during a mid-morning break. Please make sure your child brings a water bottle with fresh water in each morning, to sip on throughout the day.

No hat no play -
All students need to have a hat during terms 1 and 4 for physical activities, sports and play breaks. Students are welcome to leave their hat in their tray at school if they wish.

Library -
B2 will have library on Thursdays each week. Students must have a library bag to borrow a book. I have a library tub which will be placed out on Thursdays; students will be encouraged to place their returning library book in the tub when they enter the classroom in the morning. We will exchange the books later in the day.

Home Readers and Homework
– This will start next week, students are encouraged to read at home to consolidate the work we are doing at school. I will forward more information at a later date.

Class and parent meetings
– I will be arranging a time for a parent meeting in the next week or 2 as an opportunity to inform you about what will be happening in class and get to know you all.

– Connect is a communication app which I love and use quite regularly! If you are new or need help remembering passwords etc please see Cath Wyatt in the front office to help set you up.

Please always feel welcome to pop in and say hi or arrange a meeting if you would like a more in depth discussion.

I look forward to a great year ahead and seeing you all soon.

Kind regards – Mrs Railton


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