You can click on the links below to view the weekly timetables created for B1.  The timetables are also located on Connect. 

Week 9 - Term 1 - Timetable

Week 9 - Term 1 - Learning for Life Activities

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Swimming Update - Week 6
Swimming lessons are going really well, we have mastered the routine, their skills are improving and everyone is having lots of fun. B1 has the front office display at the moment which is a picture from swimming with a speech bubble and Ive attached some photos from today.

Toasted sandwich day was a great success with the school making just over $300 to go towards a shade sail over the sandpit.

We have been doing they story  'Handas Surprise' as our talk4writing narrative in class. We have mapped the story and looked at the structure of a journey story. Students are reciting the words with actions, hopefully they remember and can show you at home. We have also looked at the use of adjectives and are looking into sentence structure next.

In numeracy we have been looking at fractions, which they are actually really enjoying!

History - Week 4
We are enjoying history lessons on Fridays. Students continue to learn about how we gain knowledge about history through various sources. They learnt dreaming stories and Aboriginal history by looking at paintings and artefacts from Warburton Aboriginal Community. Students have talked about photos of themselves they have seen at home that tell a story about their history, and how this links in with the history of our community.

Over the next couple of weeks students will have the chance to share their family history by bringing in an image of a special object thay have at home. Can parents please help students take a photo of a special object and help them write down a few words about why the object tells a story about their family history. You can email the image to me and I can print it out at school if that is easier.

This is to help them:

Key Concepts, Skills and Understandings

Students develop an understanding that families have a past. They investigate how we can learn about the past by analysing different sources. They share an object (artefact) from their own past and discuss why it is significant.

Update - Week 4
Hi Families,

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Thank you to everyone who attended the whole class meeting and to those who have had the one-on-one interviews. If you have not had a chance to see me yet please let me know a suitable time.

We have been busy in class as well. All our programs are all well and truely in place (only buddy class left to start) and students are very settled in their routines.

We have been working hard on number still in numeracy, students are expected to partition numbers into the thousand. Students are working on the facts of ten strategy to help with our quick addition and playing adding games using a standard deck of cards. We have started probability working on the vocabulary of certain, impossible, likely and unlikely. Next week we are starting the fractions of half and quarter, initially working through shapes, then collections and then numbers.

In literacy we are working on sentence structure and using connectives to make compound sentences. We have completed the poetry portion of talk4writing and start our narrative next week. We are working on fluency and comprehension in guided reading, the students enjoyed listening to themselves in the reading phones!


I am the B1 teacher on Fridays and during our day we do HASS, Health, Library, literacy and numeracy work.

We will cover History for HASS in Semester 1 and Geography in Semester 2.  Students this semester are learning about how they are part of history including sharing why they were given the name they have and what their name means.

Students will develop historical understanding by exploring the history of their local area and why the past is important to the local community and is worthy of preservation.

They are also learning how to analyse historical sources.

Students will do a group power point sharing knowledge about the local area and will also learn why the Aboriginal history is important.

During Health we will be using the PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) Grade 2 resource.

We created Classroom Rules together and students are also considering their personal strengths, achievements and personal identities. Students are learning about establishing a positive classroom environment and enhancing their self-esteem through compliments.  


We had a great week 1. We did a bit of a research project on Chinese New Year, a predictive comprehsion activity, some numeracy rotation and a sketched self portrait. Next week we will start our guided reading and spelling as well as do some assessment. The class has settled really well, we are looking forward to achieving great things with them in the year ahead!

We will have a whole class parent meeting on Monday 17th of February at 3pm. The meeting is an opportunity for Fleur and I to introduce ourselves and cover B1 procedures, homework, expectations and general information relevant to the whole class in one go. After this meeting I will have one-on-one 10 minute interviews to help us get to know students better and cover anything more specific to the individual. I will offer before and after school times for this and will place a timetable in the wet area for you to put your name on after the whole class meeting.


Hi Families,

Welcome to B1 for 2020!  We have had a nice relaxed start to the year, yesterday we did some get to know each other activities and sorted our stationary. Then today with the heat we took things pretty easy doing some maths, reading and Chinese New Year craft.

We have a lovely small Year 2 class of 18 students. I will be teaching Monday through to Thursday's and the Fleur Mason will be teaching Fridays. Most of the students know Mrs Mason from the relief she has done at Phoenix in the past.

We will have a whole class parent meeting in week 3 (I will confirm the date and send home a note tomorrow) where we will go over how B1 operates, the curriculum, home work, expectations and so on. Then after that I will conduct one-on-one interviews with families to discuss individuals.

In the meantime the main things you need to know are... sport is on Mondays - please wear appropriate footwear and library is Fridays - please remember library bags and books.

Parents are always welcome in the class in the mornings. We have games and books which you are welcome to play with with the children or have a chat with the students about the work you see around the room.

If there are any urgent matters you are able to email me at heather.lawson@education.wa.edu.au

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Thank you
Heather Lawson

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