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You can click on the links below to view the weekly timetables created for B1.  The timetables are also located on Connect. 

Week 10 - Term 1 - Timetable

Week 9 - Term 1 - Timetable

Week 9 - Term 1 - Learning for Life Activities

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Week 5 - Term 3 Update!

We are nearly half way through the term! We have our assembly next Wednesday the 26th August which is also the book week parade. Students are encouraged to dress up as a character from one of their favourite books, if you have the book at home please bring it on the day, if not let please let us know so we can assist them in borrowing it from the library.

In maths we are still working on money! The aim is to add a small collection of coins to a value that combines dollars and cents which can be a hard concept to understand. We are also working on our subtraction and fractions.

In literacy we are in the middle of our talk4writing program, we are looking at Aesop's  fable 'The Tortoise and the Hare' which worked out nicely with the cross country and our health and well-being moral of never giving up.  I have told the class that I will film their story telling to share with families but they would like a bit more time to practice so hopefully they feel ready by tomorrow.

In science we are looking a physical science and force through push and pull. We have talked about the pull of gravity and the push of water and air, which was why they brought home balloons and paper planes last week.

In Art we have been looking at creating different kinds of creatures to fit in with this years book week theme 'Curious Creatures, Wild Minds' we will be using different materials and textures ti explore art.

Staff have a Professional Learning day this Friday the 21st so there will be no school for students.



Cross Country - Week 3 - Term 3

It was such a beautiful day to have our cross country. We work so hard on instilling mindset of doing your best to the students and when we see the students doing their absolute best on cross country day it makes us so, so, so happy! There was also some wonderful sportsmanship and friendship on display all afternoon.



Week 6 Update - Term 2

It has been a quick week but we have been working very hard. This week students started working on information texts. We began with some research on and Australian animal and then wrote our first text yesterday. We will be doing another one next week to refine both our research and writing skills. Then in numeracy we have been looking at collecting and displaying data. Students can up with their own question, collected their data and graphed it in a bar graph. Again we will continue to work on this over the next week.
Things are moving fast at the moment but I am so proud of the positivity the students are sharing each day :)



B1 Webex Assembly Item - Week 6 - Term 2



Phoenix Primary School Assembly Term 2 B1 Brain break from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.




Week 5 Update - Term 2

We are in week 5 already! This week there is no school for students on Friday 29th May as staff have a professional learning day on site and then no school on Monday the 1st of June for the WA day public holiday. Hopefully the weather improves and the students can all have a nice long, long weekend.

In class we read 'James and the Giant Peach' by Roald Dahl and this week during the gloomy weather we will start watching the movie as a follow on. The movie is rated PG and everyone has signed the permission at the start of the year however if you have changed your mind or don't want your child watching please let me know.

In art we have been investigating colour. We have done a bit of science/art colour mixing looking at primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Then we have looked at worm colours and next is cool colours.

In Science today we did an experiment where we put white roses in edicol dye and came up with a hypothesis. The changes started straight away and the students were really intrigued so it might be a nice conversation starter for home.

We are able to start taking home readers this week. Students need their homework folder to take them home. Some chose to take their library books home today while others wanted to keep them at school for silent reading. Library will be on Thursday this week as there is no school Friday. I will remind everyone again on Wednesday.




Week 4 Update - Term 2

School is almost back to normal! Attendance is now compulsory and all our programs are back in place. We are still maintaining the additional cleaning procedures and extra care with hygiene especially washing of hands! Parents at all schools are still not permitted onsite so drop off and pick ups will continue to be at the gate.

Students are all back to their usual chatty selves! They have been working particularly hard on their narratives and are enjoying doing chemical science. In maths we are still working on place value and sums involving tens. We are also starting graphing.




Science Experiment - Week 3 - Term 2

We did a little experiment for science this week. We are looking at how different materials can be used together and how materials can be mixed together. Students made a hypothesis about what would happen when mixing water and cornflour (ooblek). They were very surprised with the result and most really enjoyed having a play with it!



Week 1 - Term 2

Thank you all for a great first week back.  I have been in touch with all those at home and it is great to hear that everyone is doing their best with the learning from home.  Thank you parents for the effort you are putting in.  At school the students were a actually a little quieter than usual, probably getting used to being around each other again, but all very happy and settled back into routine!



Welcome to Term 2!

Welcome to term 2! I hope you all enjoyed the break.  It was actually a lovely change of pace for me, we spent time playing board games, setting up tents indoors and out, lots of arts and crafts, cooking, baking and watching a few movies. I even managed to get some housework (that I have been putting off for a very long time) done!
Things are still a bit different with families able to choose between face to face teaching or learning from home. There is a lot of information and opinions out there but you are able to choose what is best for you and your families situation and circumstances. I will be putting up our weekly overview on Connect (with a bit more detail than last term) which will be what we follow in class as well, meaning no one will be disadvantaged.  The only difference will be that in the classroom the integrated learning areas may be taught on different days to match the specialist teachers, however the content over the week will remain the same.
I will attach the Weekly Overview on Connect each week, but will also place a copy in the Contents section of Connect.  The work sheets required will be filed under the subject in Contents as well, for example a maths activity will be filed in Contents under Numeracy and will be labelled W1 Tuesday etc so that hopefully you can find what is needed easily.
If you need printed work packs please let myself or the office know and I will happily organise printed versions and arrange a pick up point and time.    
Mrs Mason will be taking leave during week 1 and 2 at this stage. She has prepared all the Friday lessons and I will be covering her teaching on the Fridays.
Unfortunately we will not be able to see parents, however if you have any questions or need to contact me please email me or leave a message with the office and I will call you back when available. I will be contacting families who have chosen to stay home each week to check in, but please email me if you have any urgent questions. 
We have a great school community and a great little class and we will absolutely make the best of this unusual situation.
Thank you for your support :)




Easter - Week 10 - Term 1

Wow, it's the last day of a very interesting term 1.
Firstly, Mrs Mason and I wanted to thank everyone for the support you are giving to each other and to us. Never did we think the last couple of weeks would have looked like this when we were planning at the start of the year. But we like a challenge and are working hard trying to develop ways to ensure our students are still able to engage in positive learning opportunities,while staying safe and well.

So on a really happy note... the photos I have received of the students in their Easter hats that they have created at home has brought me so much joy! You have done a fabulous job, we were super impressed.

We want to wish you all a lovely Easter and a relaxing school break. Mrs Mason and I will be enjoying some special time with our families and recharging our batteries before term 2. Please stay safe and be kind to each other. We will be in contact when school begins on Tuesday 28th April.




Thank You - Week 7 - Term 1

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. We wanted to thank you for your support this last week and a bit. We have been trying very hard to keep things as routinely normal as possible for the students. We don't want to worry them but we do want them to be safe. We have had changes with the cancellation of NAPLAN, incursion and Harmony Day, plus the assemblies will be conducted over the PA system from now on. We have be vigilant in ensuring all student was their hands with soap and water as they arrive in the mornings, before Crunch and Sip, before breaks and after breaks as well as if there is a sneeze or cough. We have spoken about personal space and keeping our hands to ourselves, as hard as that can be for young children comply with, we are constantly giving gentle reminders. We are also asking students to stay home if they are unwell in any form. Finally as you know, we have asked parents to refrain from coming into the class rooms to help with social distancing.

We understand the worry over the uncertainty and we thank you for the support you are giving your children and us at this strange time.

I am looking forward to seeing them back on Monday in our fun and worry free learning space that is B1.


Swimming Update - Week 6 - Term 1
Swimming lessons are going really well, we have mastered the routine, their skills are improving and everyone is having lots of fun. B1 has the front office display at the moment which is a picture from swimming with a speech bubble and Ive attached some photos from today.

Toasted sandwich day was a great success with the school making just over $300 to go towards a shade sail over the sandpit.

We have been doing they story  'Handas Surprise' as our talk4writing narrative in class. We have mapped the story and looked at the structure of a journey story. Students are reciting the words with actions, hopefully they remember and can show you at home. We have also looked at the use of adjectives and are looking into sentence structure next.

In numeracy we have been looking at fractions, which they are actually really enjoying!

History - Week 4 - Term 1
We are enjoying history lessons on Fridays. Students continue to learn about how we gain knowledge about history through various sources. They learnt dreaming stories and Aboriginal history by looking at paintings and artefacts from Warburton Aboriginal Community. Students have talked about photos of themselves they have seen at home that tell a story about their history, and how this links in with the history of our community.

Over the next couple of weeks students will have the chance to share their family history by bringing in an image of a special object thay have at home. Can parents please help students take a photo of a special object and help them write down a few words about why the object tells a story about their family history. You can email the image to me and I can print it out at school if that is easier.

This is to help them:

Key Concepts, Skills and Understandings

Students develop an understanding that families have a past. They investigate how we can learn about the past by analysing different sources. They share an object (artefact) from their own past and discuss why it is significant.

Update - Week 4 - Term 1
Hi Families,

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Thank you to everyone who attended the whole class meeting and to those who have had the one-on-one interviews. If you have not had a chance to see me yet please let me know a suitable time.

We have been busy in class as well. All our programs are all well and truely in place (only buddy class left to start) and students are very settled in their routines.

We have been working hard on number still in numeracy, students are expected to partition numbers into the thousand. Students are working on the facts of ten strategy to help with our quick addition and playing adding games using a standard deck of cards. We have started probability working on the vocabulary of certain, impossible, likely and unlikely. Next week we are starting the fractions of half and quarter, initially working through shapes, then collections and then numbers.

In literacy we are working on sentence structure and using connectives to make compound sentences. We have completed the poetry portion of talk4writing and start our narrative next week. We are working on fluency and comprehension in guided reading, the students enjoyed listening to themselves in the reading phones!

MRS MASON - Term 1

I am the B1 teacher on Fridays and during our day we do HASS, Health, Library, literacy and numeracy work.

We will cover History for HASS in Semester 1 and Geography in Semester 2.  Students this semester are learning about how they are part of history including sharing why they were given the name they have and what their name means.

Students will develop historical understanding by exploring the history of their local area and why the past is important to the local community and is worthy of preservation.

They are also learning how to analyse historical sources.

Students will do a group power point sharing knowledge about the local area and will also learn why the Aboriginal history is important.

During Health we will be using the PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) Grade 2 resource.

We created Classroom Rules together and students are also considering their personal strengths, achievements and personal identities. Students are learning about establishing a positive classroom environment and enhancing their self-esteem through compliments.  

WEEK 1 - Term 1

We had a great week 1. We did a bit of a research project on Chinese New Year, a predictive comprehsion activity, some numeracy rotation and a sketched self portrait. Next week we will start our guided reading and spelling as well as do some assessment. The class has settled really well, we are looking forward to achieving great things with them in the year ahead!

We will have a whole class parent meeting on Monday 17th of February at 3pm. The meeting is an opportunity for Fleur and I to introduce ourselves and cover B1 procedures, homework, expectations and general information relevant to the whole class in one go. After this meeting I will have one-on-one 10 minute interviews to help us get to know students better and cover anything more specific to the individual. I will offer before and after school times for this and will place a timetable in the wet area for you to put your name on after the whole class meeting.

WELCOME! - Term 1

Hi Families,

Welcome to B1 for 2020!  We have had a nice relaxed start to the year, yesterday we did some get to know each other activities and sorted our stationary. Then today with the heat we took things pretty easy doing some maths, reading and Chinese New Year craft.

We have a lovely small Year 2 class of 18 students. I will be teaching Monday through to Thursday's and the Fleur Mason will be teaching Fridays. Most of the students know Mrs Mason from the relief she has done at Phoenix in the past.

We will have a whole class parent meeting in week 3 (I will confirm the date and send home a note tomorrow) where we will go over how B1 operates, the curriculum, home work, expectations and so on. Then after that I will conduct one-on-one interviews with families to discuss individuals.

In the meantime the main things you need to know are... sport is on Mondays - please wear appropriate footwear and library is Fridays - please remember library bags and books.

Parents are always welcome in the class in the mornings. We have games and books which you are welcome to play with with the children or have a chat with the students about the work you see around the room.

If there are any urgent matters you are able to email me at heather.lawson@education.wa.edu.au

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Thank you
Heather Lawson

Google Translator


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