LEARN FROM HOME - during Covid-19

You can click on the links below to view the weekly timetables created for A6.  The timetables are also located on Connect. 

Week 9 - Term 1 - Timetable

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WOW Friday - Week 4 - Term 3

Today we had a day in our classroom with the new board and carpet. 
We enjoyed a concert by students in the specialist music program from Lakeland Senior High School.
We have practiced our skipping and started sharing and caring with the Pre-Primaries by reading a story to them. Each A6 student read a stroy they had been practicing through the week to two Pre-Primaries.
I have been so proud of all the children this week they have done everything asked of them as we have moved around the school and worked in different places I hope they enjoy their thankyou for being so adaptable.


A6 - A Big Day! - Week 4 - Term 3

Today is a big day for everyone in A6 as we are having new carpet laid in the classroom.
The children are in the library for the time I have them today and they also go to music and Technology today.
It was good to see so many of you at the cross country last week. I know all the children tried their very best and had lots of fun. We also were in and out of the classroom in the afternoon as we cheered on our buddies, brothers and sisters and friends from the senior classes as they came down the side fence. 
Thank you also for supporting the sausage sizzle, I know the children enjoyed them.



Cool STEM - Week 3 - Term 3

Today we had our second session of Challenging Our Own Learning and Science Technology Enterprise and Mathematics. Every Wednesday in the time between the two breaks I set up active learning activities for the students, that enhance what we are learning.
The children were more fluid in their groups today. The maths challenge was an extension of last week's, the students needed to build a tower with just twenty plastic cups then record what they had done and their results.
Our science activity took what we are learning about the day and night sky, combined it with an appreciation of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night to begin to paint their own artwork of the night sky. I introduced an old doll's house  today and set the enterprising challenge of working together to renovate the old house. The children have already produced a list if things they need to do and began to clear the old paper stuck on the floors of the house. In technology they continued working with a partner to construct lego from a plan.


A6 Loves Reading - Week 2 - Term 3

Yesterday I showed the students a reading site called EPIC. As part of developing fluency and expression when reading it is important to listen to others reading. This is one site I found that will allow students to follow as the book is read and also offers fiction and non-fiction books. I see many of you had a look at this yesterday, thankyou. I will also use this site during reading time for a group of students to listen to reading. Another site I will use is Starfall. This is also a free site and does not require a logon or password, please feel free to explore this site at home. If anyone knows of a free Australian site that does the same thing I would be interested to hear about it.


Other reading we are doing this term. I have one group of students who are now on Lexile reading as they have reached the cut off on PM benchmarks to where the school changes to Lexile. This means they are able to borrow a levelled library book to read at school as well as the library book they bring home. Another group is practising their fluency by reading a passage for one minute and counting the words. Then practising for the week, reading the passage again, count the words and answer a comprehension question to see the improvement.
This term I am going to send the class reader home for practise during the week, plus another reader if the student wishes. When the student has read ten books they may have a pick from the prize box.
Our author study at the moment is Jeannie Baker. During week 4 we will have a go at a collage inspired by Jeannie Baker's artwork.  Our novel this term is Charlotte's Web.


Update - Week 1 - Term 3

Hello Everyone, it was great to see all the children back today. This morning we were straight back into our Letters and Sounds groups, and the children had remembered their sounds from last term.

Ms Busby was in to take her group for Words, Grammar, Fun. This is the final block we will have Ms Busby with us and the student are looking at alternative meanings for words.
In Buddies today, we began a KWL chart to look at questions for researching a wetlands area. For next week the children are going to think of a question and bring it to Buddy class. One question we had was "If wetlands are so beautiful, why do they want to build roads through it?"
The children also showed me their handwriting and number comparison today, with very good results.
A busy day with lots achieved and very excited to see each other.



Update - Week 7 - Term 2

I started this week to gradually introduce some purposeful planned play for the first half hour of the day, that is until 9:00am.
I did this is negotiation with the children and it will eventually grow into "COOL TIME" Challenging Our Own Learning" where I will be setting challenges associated with the learning curriculum that we are currently working on. This will give the children an opportunity to show what they can do in a diverse way. I expect this to be a gradual process. So far we have incorporated the dinosaur display into enhancing our "talk for Writing" with models and scaffolds for making and writing stories. I have also introduced a lego table in the wet area, which was very popular this week. From next week the challenge there will be to work together to create a lego town.


Chicken Divas

A6 participated in the National Simultaneous Reading Day and listened to the story Chicken Divas and completed their "diva chicks", exploring line in their art work.




Assembly Song

This week A6 entertained us all during our live Webex assembly with a song called "The Most Amazing Me". They were fantastic and everyone loved their performance. Here is the link to the video so you can watch it at home.




Week 4 - Term 2

Wow! We had all the children in class for the very first time this term. It was wonderful to see.
We also had the first students receive a Principal's Award from Mrs Pretty for reading their first 100 sight words. Congratulations to Liam, Emily, Ella and Kobi 😉
This week we are going to harvest the vegetables we planted last term. There are carrots, silverbeet and spring onions ready. The capsicum and solitary corn still need more time.
From our harvest we will cook the silverbeet and use the carrot to make rice paper rolls. 
I hope you have managed to view the children singing their morning song 'The Most Amazing Me'. We recorded it with Ms Conti  and it was broadcasted as part of this week's Assembly.
I thought the children did a great job and you could hear every word they were singing.



Week 2 - Term 2

It is so nice to see most of you back at school. Today we had 18 students in class. 

We are talking a lot about our Mums this week. If you are walking past the school you might see the window the children have painted for all their Mums.
The videos this week include Mothers Day stories, our letters and sounds sessions and the next chapters of the Wishing Chair.
Everyone may see how we are all spaced at our desks if you look at the morning song.
We are doing our best to keep dry and at break times eat our food in the undercover area. It is great to see everyone still wearing their hat to school because it is still no hat, no play.
At the moment we are not having any fruit donated to the school, so could you please be sure to include some fresh fruit or vegetable for crunch and sip time.
Year ones are at the gate to be picked up after school at 2:55pm to help with the social distancing and I thank you all for being prompt.




First Day of Term 2

It was so nice to see so many happy faces come into school today. We have 16 wonderful students in our class today.  If you are keeping your children at home then today we did not do letters and sounds as the students were settling back into class and catching up with each other while we had crunch and sip. We did view the Patience story and talked about being a little extra patient when lining up to wash hands. As we cannot send reading books home I will send a copy of one of the speldsa books for your child to read at home or your can access a choice of the books through the phonic book link. Please continue to use Oxford Owl as a source of reading books as you would normally use the book box.



Welcome Back! - Week 1 - Term 2

Welcome back to Term Two, however it is going to look like. As you have probably heard whether you choose to send your child to school or keep them home at this time we will all be following the same learning program.

If you are sending your child to school please send their pencil cases with them as there will be no sharing of personal equipment such as pencils, scissors or glue etc. Also no reading or library books will be sent home, though we will be borrowing and keeping library books in the class room. It would be great if you could remind your child how to wash their hands again before coming back to school as we will washing and sanitising our hands numerous times during the day. 
For those who choose to continue with online learning at home this will be through Connect. Each week the outline of lessons and support material will be posted in 'Content'. On the 'Grid' I will put the links and videos for the children to access to support the learning and in 'Library' I will put background information for parents. All contact relating to the learning will continue through 'Discussions' so that you and the children can ask questions or add comments. Please just continue the comment  for the week or topic and do not add a new Discussion of your own as this can become confusing. On Monday I will have a learning pack ready for the next two weeks for you collect from a tub outside the office between 8:30 - 9:00am. 
If you have decided what you are going to do for the first three weeks of term, whether returning to school or continuing online learning and have not done so already, could you please let the office know your decision today. Even if you are unsure please give the office a call and let us know how you are going or if we can help you in any way. At present we have heard from half the families in the class with ten children returning tomorrow and a couple choosing to remain at home. It does help us to be prepared if we know what you are doing.
I look forward to being in touch with you this week and you can always contact me by email or phone message. 
I hope you all had a good break from school routine doing lots of different things at home this year it will be great to hear your stories.
As always be kind and patient with each other. 
Best wishes



Happy Easter - Week 10 - Term 1

I would like to wish you all a happy Easter and thank you for all the time and work you have out into supporting your children moving into a new way of learning.

Also thankyou for returning the library and reading books, next term Mrs Maskos will do her stock take.
Mrs Pontillo and I both look forward to seeing your beautiful smiles each day.
Have a fun, relaxing stay-at-home holiday and I will be in touch next term.



Week 9 - Term 1

What strange times we find ourselves in. I come back and find you are all keeping your distance at home. I missed you all. Now we will navigate this new form of learning together. Thankyou to Mrs Scalise for putting together your workbooks for this two weeks.

Above (Learn from Home -week 9 link) you will see some ideas for the week. The ideas are from my workpad that we would be doing at school. It is up to you what times you choose to do the activities or some of the things from your pack. Maybe you've found something you think everyone else would like to try at home. I will open a discussion page for this week where you can add your ideas. Stay strong and have fun learning.

Mrs Pontillo sends her love to you all.

Mrs McMinigal

Hello Everyone - Week 8 - Term 1 - Navigating Changes!

Wow, didn't we finish swimming just in time. My sinuses certainly let me know about the change in the weather last week. I was very proud of the way the children handled themselves and their belongings during swimming and we had very few mix ups of clothing and I thank you all for your support in making sure your child was ready.  They all had a lot of fun and achieved so much.
This last week we have been back to our full day learning once again. During vegie munch March for crunch n sip the children have been watching the vegies growing in our garden and observing some of the changes.We were all very annoyed the birds had found our vegies and manage to pull some out each day, which we have to replant. The children decided we need to make a scarecrow and they drew labelled designs. This week we will have a go at making a scarecrow. I sourced some straw but it was too fine and flaked away at the least touch, so one change we will need to make is what to stuff the scarecrow with that is not going to cause any irritation. 
In maths last week we remembered what 1/2 of something looked like, then took it further when we cooked the pizzas, with the children cutting their own pizza in half before eating it. We then transferred the concept of 1/2 to have even numbers using two colour counters, turning them over until we had the same number of each colour and counting to find the answer.
This week we are looking at money, recognising which are Australian coins. If you have some foreign coins could you send some to school on Wednesday so we may compare them to Australian coins. We will also be handling money on Thursday when we have our popcorn fundraiser with B1 to raise money for some sandpit toys. I think it would be nice to have some cars and trucks plus a few things to dig with. We will be wearing gloves to handle the money.
So far the walk to Manning Park is going ahead and I am looking forward to it. On this first visit we walk around the lake and measure steps and distance. We take photos and note what we see. If you have not signed a permission slip please do so at the office on Monday morning. 
I know these are uncertain times and everyone needs to do what they feel is best for their family. You will see changes happening in the classroom from day to day even as we all try to keep things as normal as possible. Already the children are washing their hands as they enter the wet area from outside. Last week I rearranged the desks so that everyone could see the screen from their desk and the children didn't need to sit close together on the mat. On the other side of the room I made the space bigger so we could sit in a circle without touching. This week I am going to rearrange the desks again to provide more distance between each other when working. 
This week is also the final week for me to finish term one assessments. I have some maths to complete with every one and reading levels for some students. Also if you could make sure your child brings their reading folder to school this week I am going to put a couple of logons that we use throughout the year for each student inside the cover.
Looking forward to another busy and happy week.
Angela McMinigal

Mid Term 1
Hello Everyone

I hope you are having a great long weekend.
It has been a pleasure making the acquaintance of many parents over the last few weeks. For those of you who are yet to meet with me please make an appointment as soon as you can.
Crunch n Sip
At the end of last year I registered the class to participate in the March event for Crunch n Sip. The children brought a note home on Friday to say this year's event focuses on increasing vegetable consumption and if possible could they bring raw vegetable as part of their Crunch n Sip. We will also be doing some activities in the classroom around this and it will be part of the healthy eating for the Health learning area.
In Class
We have begun looking at chemical change for science. The topic started with taking different materials and altering them in some way ie blowing up a balloon, cutting paper. scrunching cotton wool, then noticing the changes but coming to the conclusion that the material was still the same. In maths this week we have revised 2D shapes and patterning. On Friday I combined aspects from both of these areas in art. We looked at some of the work by Jen Stark, an American artist, who uses paper to create her pieces of artwork. The children then created their own art work. Some have yet to finish and may continue their pieces after they have read to you before school. There have been some amazing ideas happening, please ask the children about their work when you come in.
Swimming is part of the Physical Education program and begins on Tuesday. We leave school at 11:20 after first break. The children may come to school with their bathers under their uniform if you wish or they may get changed at break time. If bathers are worn before under school uniform please make sure your child can independently manage going to the toilet.
On return from swimming all children will need to get changed into their school uniform. At school normal footwear still needs to be worn, though thongs or slippers that slip on and off may be worn to and from the pool.
A dressing gown or hooded towel is useful for travelling to and from the pool in. It is easy for the children to manage and helps them to dry and stay warm on the way back to school.
Don't forget your towel and goggles (named) and of course your undies.
It is always a fun time.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Welcome A6

I would like to say thankyou, thankyou, thankyou; for having your child's school supplies, for your patience as we establish morning routines and for your children who use their manners, listen with intent and are ready to learn.
I will be holding a parent information meeting on Wednesday 12th February at 2:30pm in the classroom. I will also be having individual parent meetings with you during the coming weeks. Please choose a time on the timetable in the wet area. Please do your best to keep your appointment as this will be the time to discuss any concerns and wishes you have for your child and if there is any information you feel I should know concerning your child's background.
We began our first day with a story by Andrew Daddo called "First Day". It discussed a child getting ready for their first day at school. We talked about how we all felt getting ready for our first day and recorded our feelings in our class journal, then we went back to the class journal at the end of the day and recorded how we were feeling then. In the book Andrew Daddo innovated the word 'fantastic' to 'funtastic'. We took a 'funtasic', silly photo of ourselves.
kind regards 
looking forward to working with you this year
Angela McMinigal