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Edudance Concert

Phoenix Primary School A6 Edudance Concert 2019 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

Term 3 Welcome

We've had a little bit of a shaky start to the term with this dreadful tummy bug that has hit us. Thankyou for keeping your children home when they've not been well. It has hit hard and I hope those children who have been away for over a week soon recover. You are missed and we can't wait until you are back again.
Because we have had an outbreak of sickness, last week we had a health lesson reminding us when to wash your hands. I have been happy to observe many students washing their hands with soap, after the toilet or before going to eat. Ask your child about the glitter germs and how they spread. 
The boys and girls are loving their Edudance sessions with Ms R.
For the concert they are going to be "rock stars" and Ms R would like the students to be dressed in black leggings or trackies and a black t-shirt please. I will get the stars to put on the t-shirts so as soon as you are able please bring in your child's outfit (named) and I will make a start.
The first three weeks we have been learning about 3D shapes and money, some of the activities associated with this learning will be out for the students to show you tomorrow during open classroom 2-4 pm. Later this week we will begin to revisit time, telling the time to the hour and half hour on digital and analogue clocks.
I have been very happy with the progress the students have made with their reading, the practise is really making a difference. Last week I spoke to the students about accuracy, how important it is to get the words right and practise until we do so that we understand what we are reading and can form our own  opinions about what we have read. Today I measured the words per minute reading rate and will be sending a passage home each week for the students to practise before checking again on Fridays to see the growth. Just as we do our mad minute in maths to help instant recall of basic facts, this will help instant recall of common words when reading.
The writing focus for the first half of the term is an information report, so far I have modelled and shared how to write an information report. This week those students who feel able will have a go at writing their own report about turtles and those who still wish to have my support we will write one together. Next week everyone will have a go at writing their own report about frogs. You will notice lots of books in the class room about turtle and frogs, this has come from the students' interest following the talk about the dangers of plastic in the ocean and our visit to Manning Park last term.

Goodbye Term Two
Hello Everyone,

It has been great to see the children grow and learn this term. I am pleased to say each and everyone of the children always tries their best and they are truly a pleasure to teach. 

A little word about the reports, the grade is a standard measure that a teacher is required to mark against for that year level,  the comment is more about the progress. You will know if your child had an IEP or not and this is reported against separately. If you have any questions regarding your child's report please make a confidential appointment with me early next term.
Thankyou to the parents who came to play old games with us this week. The games proved to be very popular at break times and the children took responsibility for the care of the equipment and negotiating the games. In PATHS we also talked about playing fair which also came into the negotiation of rules, turn taking and establishing/maintaining friendships. I know for some of you, your child negotiating friendships was an interest during our beginning year interviews. Therefore, I am including a couple of supporting links you may find useful as you support the ups and downs of your children exploring friendships.

Each day the "handy helpers" do the class calendar, which also includes the number of days we have been at school. We reach 100 days in the first week of next term. Miss Lorna and I are arranging some activities for our classes to do together to celebrate this on the Wednesday of the first week. On that day the students may come dressed as they think they will look when they are 100 years old. I will send a reminder when we get back to school but you may come up with some ideas over the holidays.
I wish you all a safe and happy holiday and look forward to continue our working together next term.

Keep reading, I am truly grateful to all for listening to the children read in the mornings, it is making a difference and I am on hand if you need my help.

Mrs McMinigal

Term 2 - Week 6
Hi everyone,

Welcome to Miss Bone, a student teacher, who will be in our class for the next two weeks.

The children are enjoying their swimming and have become very independent at looking after themselves. They are getting quicker everyday to get changed and ready, both before and after swimming.

We have been so fortunate with the weather and this has added to the pleasant experience. Don't forget if you wish to see your child swim they are in the water between 10-10:30am. I have also been taking lots of photos which I will display next week in the classroom.

Term 2 - Week 4
We are excited about our swimming lessons next week. If you are wearing your bathers to school under your uniform, please do not forget to put your underwear in your bag to change into when we return to school. Something warm to travel in and easy to put on, such as a dressing gown is good. Also thongs or slippers for your feet, again don't forget shoes and socks for when we return.

This week :-

We practised our listening during science and noted our observations (Akiya)

We started to study Little Red Riding Hood in Talk for Writing (Zaria)

We started 'short burst writing' and have written some story openings (Shayleigh and Kiara)

We have done lots of counting by 2s (Julia)

We have extended our patterning to number patterns (Tamara)

We met Connie Confidence this week.(Jessica and Ryder)

We learnt a new game, "Golden Child' (Nikola)

Term 2 - Week 3

Hi Mums and Dads

We have had a very busy start to our term. Thank you for coming to support us at our Assembly and going on my Learning Journey. Your comments were very much appreciated and we showed Mrs Pretty.

We have been doing lots of creative work. (Zaria)

We have been learning about the tens place and the ones place in Maths. (Cameron)

We chose new books to borrow from the library. (Akiya)

We have been doing lots of Maths in our classroom. (Tamara)

We have been doing pluses and take aways. (Ryder)

We have been doing lots of patterns (Diezel)

We have recognised how many parts (syllables) in our name. (Eiva)

We did a graph about our families. (Jessica)

In science we have started to learn about Light and Sound. (Cameron)

We acted out the story "Will you be my mother?" (Nikola and Kiara)
Please ask me what other things we have been doing.

Term 2 - Week 1

We been doing Mothers Day stuff - (Zaria)

We've been counting backwards and onwards in maths - (Ryder)

We have been writing using the computer - (Nikola)

We have made a graph of how many people in our families - (Akiya)

Love A6

Term 2 - Week 1

Today in Maths we talked about RUCSAC and how we use it to help solve word problems, which is one of our focus' this first three weeks. It may also help when working through the maths problems at home.

This is what RUCSAC means:-
  • R read - make sure you read the question, twice!
  • U understand - what is it asking you to do? Could you explain it to someone else?
  • C calculate - What calculation is needed? Have you estimated the answer?
  • S solve - What strategy are you going to use to solve the problem?
  • A answer - have you clearly shown your answer?
  • C check - * have you checked your calculation? Does it "look" right? 
You will see a chart on the classroom wall.

Term 2 - Welcome Back

I hope you all had a great school holiday, wasn't the weather beautiful and now it has turned cold in the mornings just to remind us we are in Autumn. Could you please make sure your child's name is in their jacket/jumper etc because as the day warms up the children do take them off. They are supposed to hang them on the peg with their bag but this does not always happen and I would like these valuable items to find their way to their owners if they become misplaced.
You are probably aware by now A6 is hosting the Assembly next Wednesday. The students will be performing an old circle dance they have learnt in History, looking at ways people used to entertain themselves. We will also be using a tape and cassette player I found in the school, so the children hear what it used to sound like.

After Assembly you will be invited to stay and partner your child in the dance, then we will all come back to the classroom where the students will have a prepared Learning Journey for you. This gives them the opportunity to explain some of their learning to you and you will be able to give your feedback to them. We should be finished around 10am.
Swimming notes went home yesterday, please return these to the office as soon as you can. Be sure to complete and sign the back sheet, this sometimes is forgotten and the school needs to send this form to the swimming supervisor at the pool.
I am so pleased to see all the children again and look forward to working with you all this term.

If you wish to discuss your child's progress at any time please make an appointment.

Kind Regards

Angela McMinigal

Term 1 - Week 8
- Update

This week we have:

Talked and remembered the changes we observed during our science this term - (Julia)

The computers in our classroom are working - (Akiya)

We have planted our sweet potato - (Nikola)

Our Easter Egg pictures are up in the library - (Darinka and Zaria)

We changed our books in the library today - (Akiya)

Term 1 - Week 8 - Morning Reading
Thank you to all the wonderful parents who come into A6 every morning to listen to the children read.

The Year Ones love to change the books in their book boxes every other Monday, then read them to you over the two weeks. 
You are making a real difference. What a terrific turn out.

Term 1 - Week 2 - Ice Castle

Thank you for all your ice blocks today and your help to build the ice castle. The students had a great day observing, drawing, measuring and using adjectives to describe what the ice castle felt, looked, sounded and smelt like. The last piece lasted until second break. Finally, we did a brief recount of our day. You will see a display of the work in the wet area. 

Notes from information meeting


Tuesday, 19 February 2019 @9:13PM



It was so nice to see everyone at the meeting this afternoon, thank you for coming.

We started with a welcome and thankyou for assisting the children into their new routines and having their school supplies ready so promptly.

The large pencil case is used as a reading folder and is the main physical contact between home and school, that the children may be responsible for. In here your child’s reading folder, sight word folder and maths problem will be put each week plus any notes to go home. Therefore the children need to bring this folder to and from school each day.

I will keep you up to date with our Talk 4 Writing progress, the current author study and what is happening in the classroom via connect.

Each day has a special activity, Monday is Phys.Ed. with Mr Walsh and the children may wear their house shirts on this day.

Tuesday they go to the computer lab. Wednesday it is technology, Thursday-music with Mrs Starkey and Friday is library day.

General whole school business was discussed including the behaviour policy. House cards are used for positive behaviour in the playground and restorative questioning for helping behaviour back on track.

It is appreciated when families pay their school fees as these are used for numerous sundry items through out the year including the sport ribbons for the carnival.

It was noted the school has a dress code and how smart the children look, especially when attending excursions.

Attention was given to the alternative lunch ideas board that had been in the wet area for the last two weeks. It is now outside the Pre-Primary if you are looking for ideas, though I have seen some beautifully healthy lunches from this class when I have been on duty.

It was stressed how important it is to notify the office if there are any medical or health issues that will affect your child whilst at school. Either long or short term, please see Ms Wyatt or Ms Coen in they will assist you. All medications are administered and recorded through the office and it is important to keep health plans up to date.

  • Handouts were given for parent/teacher interviews. Please make an appointment as soon as possible.
  •  To inform you of the Protective Behaviours program we will be doing
  • The computer use contract
  • Typing Tournament logons
  • Parent code of behaviour

If you have a question at anytime about anything in the classroom please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Thank you for your time today, I look forward to working with each of you towards your child’s education this year.

Angela McMinigal

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