Student Leaders

Introducing the student leaders for 2022 . . .

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected as student leaders for 2022.  We are confident that you will set an example at all times and display excellent leadership qualities. 


  • Davide Marcon, Abbey Shales, Catherine Lalog and Lydia Cook

Davilak House Captains

  • Joshua Hartmire and Salina Singleton

Hamilton House Captains

  • Jhun Canas and Sol Eugene

Manning House Captains

  • Kingdom Koia and Xavier Marwick

Eco Warriors

  • Ana Ergic, Sara Radulovic, Vera De Guzman and Makenzie Moore 


  • Luka Trauseld

I.T Support

  • Daniel Spiller


  • Evan Lejo and Jacob Barry


  • Alan Ryan

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