Act Belong Commit

First it was hip hop, then classical ballet (tutu as well), tap dancing, gymnastics and contemporary ballet.  Our Year 6 students got the chance to go up on the stage area and try out some hip-hop moves and entertain the other students.  The three ballet dancers explained each type of ballet performed and answered the children’s questions at the end.  The questioning by the students was very insightful and relevant to the ballet and the dancers.  The dancers commended the students on their interest, engagement and fabulous behaviour.

The incursion was sponsored by Act, Belong, Commit and the message was shared in child friendly language that basically you find something you like and Act on it by asking parents, teachers, friends etc to help you know more. Then you find like minded people to join in with (a club or a group) so that you find a place you feel you Belong. Then you Commit to giving it all you have by turning up, doing practice etc. they did not push for students to do dancing, it was suggested they find any sport, any art, any skill you are passionate about.

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