National Young Leaders Conference

We came to school very early and left school at 7:45 sharp. It took nearly half an hour to get there but the ride was worth it! The teachers then organised us and led us to the auditorium to see the whole place filled with different schools from around WA.

It started off with everyone dancing and chatting around while the host warmed us up with great dance for the song, Kiki. After the warm up, we had our first speaker, Akram Azimi - Young Australian of the Year in 2013, who led us to tears. Then it was break, we ate our lunch and interacted with different schools. We learned other dances then went back to the auditorium.

After break we then sat down on the same spots we were in. Just before the second speaker came we were surprised to see inflated beach balls bouncing around. The host had the idea of the boys and girls having a competition of getting the beach balls on one side and see which side had more. In the end, the girls won.

We then had our second speaker, Jade Slater, who talked about children in poverty. One of her famous quotes is “Sometimes it takes generations to be great but you could be greater”. We learned a lot of things from her. She made us think to not to give up.

Our third speaker was Leisel Jones. She was a famous Olympic swimmer, setting the world record for the youngest Australian swimmer. She sure was a great athlete who was very successful and inspiring. She also gave us quotes like “talent alone doesn’t make you successful, the important question is, are you ready?”

We had our break and after that, our fourth speaker came. Our fourth speaker was famous for his amazing talent for being an author, and his name is Matt Cosgrove. He told us of how nervous he was and how he hated public speaking. He told us the story of his childhood to why he hated it. He made everyone chuckle as he told us the story. It then came to the last of his words where he told us 5 important lessons that we should always remember:

1) Find your passion and practice it

2) People are important

3) Be realistic about your passion

4) Be persistent

5) Use the power of your imagination

The day finally came to an end and behalf of saying goodbye, we all sang Baby Shark together. Our teachers led us out of the auditorium and went in the bus. We had such a fantastic day and learned how to be great leaders.


Dianne, Quelly and Jamilia C5

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