Harmony Day

On Wednesday March 13, Phoenix Primary School held its 2019 Harmony Day celebration.  At the start of the day, all the classes, from Pre Primary to Year six, gathered together to celebrate all the different cultures and traditions in our school by parading around the assembly area showing off their different cultural clothes.  Thank you to B5 for doing their assembly item, ‘I am Australian Too,’ and to Mrs Railton for organising the event.  This was followed by all the classes getting back together and doing an activity that showed off everyone’s personal traditions, while the parents watched as their children showed off their work.  At lunch, the students were given the opportunity to have lunch with their parents while talking about the morning they’d had.  After lunch, everyone was put into a group and went to different classrooms and did a fun activity with three different teachers.  The activities included cooking, art and sport and were enjoyable for all the students.

We may be different fish, but here at Phoenix Primary, we all swim together.

We think we speak for all students when we say that Harmony Day at Phoenix was memorable and we hope future students will feel the same.

Jamilia and Quelly C5

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