National Day against Bullying & Violence

On Friday 15 March, Phoenix PS participated in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. This day gave us the chance to take action and empower our students to be part of the solution when addressing bullying in the school community. It provided an opportunity to focus on bullying and the big changes we can make to create safer communities for everyone. Each class participated in a range of lessons and discussion starters exploring different strategies and ways to ‘Take a Stand Together’.

Some insights about the day from C2:

It is important to help others and protect our friends. – Shannon

Bullying only happens if it is ongoing.  It would make you want to stay home from school. – July

I like knowing that a bystander will always be there to help you. – Mia

Sometimes bullying is not actually bullying, it is a conflict between two friends. – Daniel

Bullying is never the right thing to do.  It is never the answer.  The bystanders are there to stand up to the bully. – Joshua

Stand up and take action! – Aaron

We learnt to always be kind and teach younger students what they should do. – Jonathon S

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