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Assembly Item - Term 4

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Edudance Concert

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International Food Day

High Tea!

Term 3 so far. . . . 
It's week 4 already and all our wonderful children are really interested in their learning and demonstrating a high level of independence. We have been busy learning about Australia, it's states, animals and the importance of Aboriginal culture. In Maths we have been looking at many different ways to measure length incorporating this into the concept of long and short.  
In Talk 4 Writing we developed a Story Map for Possum Magic and today we looked at Innovation with each child being able to change characters and specific parts of the story to make it their own. As part of this program, we focus on Oral Language activities that are linked with the story so today the children made Anzac biscuits. In the following weeks they will also make pumpkin scones, vegemite sandwiches and pavlova kebabs, symbolizing all the places Grandma poss and Hush visited and what they ate. 
It has again been a wonderful few weeks watching the children grow and interacting with each other in a supportive and positive manner. 

Pirate Party
Pirates from A1 and A2 joined forces to prepare a feast for a pirate party. Unfortunately the pirate captain had to leave Phoenix Island before we arrived so we enjoyed the party food ourselves. 
We were very impressed with the problem-solving, co-operation and negotiation skills that our pirates displayed and we had a lot of fun together!


Shadow Puppets
We have recently met a character called Molly. She stepped out of a book called Molly the Pirate and took us to an isolated part of Australia where we enjoyed an exciting pirate adventure. The children made their own shadow puppets, which challenged their cutting skills and then used their puppets to create some very exciting pirate stories together.
Weather in My World
This term we are learning about daily and seasonal weather in Science. We have shared our ideas about the weather and used our senses to explore our school's outdoor environment. Please keep an eye on our Science board in the classroom to see our progress throughout the term. 

Term 3!
A warm welcome back to Term 3! 
It has been great to see all our wonderful children coming back refreshed and with big smiles on their faces. We have a busy term ahead with our theme Australia and Australian Animals.
We will begin our new Talk 4 Writing focus book which will incorporate our theme quite nicely. Soon, the children will be able to look at the clue as they walk in the classroom and guess what book it might be.
We continue to focus on developing literacy and writing skills with particular emphasis on speaking and listening. The children have enjoyed telling news about their holidays and love the puppet theatre set up in the home corner. We have started to look at the maths concept of long and short. The children have completed a maths session measuring their friends using blocks. They were able to predict, measure, count and then reflect on their learning. Number is still a big focus which will continue throughout the term.
Our Pre-Primary children will participate in Edu-Dance this term. I'm sure they will be able to show you a few dance moves over the weeks and thoroughly enjoy themselves each Friday.
The term parent roster is up on the parent notice board just inside the classroom. Please feel free to put your name down and come and spend a morning with your child.

Looking forward to another awesome term of learning and growing with your gorgeous children.

The children have been having a wonderful time learning about Dinosaurs and they are so keen to find out all about the environment and different types of Dinosaurs that lived. The children have made a list of questions to answer about things they are curious about and do not know. We have been researching as a class to answer these and widen their knowledge on this topic. 
We have made and explored fossils and what Paleontologists do as their job, we have made a class volcano, made dinosaur skeletons with pasta, set our home corner up as a Dinosaur cave and continue developing independent writing skills using this theme as a prompt. In Talk 4 Writing we have been focusing on making good, detailed beginnings to a story and made bear pikelets to develop oral language skills and higher level questioning.
On a side note all the Pre-primary children have done a wonderful job with swimming over the past 2 weeks and should be congratulated on their good behaviour and coping with the change in routines. So proud of them all! 
Ms Hehir
Our term so far . . .
We have had such a busy start to Term 2 with Mother's Day and starting our theme on Dinosaurs. The children have all been eager to learn and explore new concepts and love to open up discussions on things they know and things they would like to know about. The children are all fascinated with Dinosaurs and are keen little learners. We have melted ice eggs, researched information on the Stegosaurus and taken turns to open up plastered eggs to see what was inside after guesstimating.
In Talk 4 Writing we introduced our new book "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" and have started to orally present the story through our Story Map. The children were also excited to do yoga moves to act the story out. Our focus over the next few weeks will be on Innovation and oral language development through higher levelled questioning on the book itself and related activities.
Today we went to visit Miss Van's class who have stick insects. The children were interested to learn about them and some were even brave enough to have a hold. We also saw their eggs which will hatch in September.

Term 2
We are looking forward to sharing a very busy term with you! The weather is getting cooler so please make sure your child is dressed for the weather and brings a warm jacket to school - we are going to be spending time exploring our outdoor environment this term (especially on Fridays which are our "Adventure mornings"). 

In Science this term we are learning about materials. Last week we started our science module by having a conversation about maps. We thought about why we use maps and what information we can find on maps and then we went out into our Pre-Primary garden to really look at the objects that are in that environment. We used our senses to look at and feel the objects and thought of words to describe what they were like. We thought about what materials the objects could be made of. The children were very excited about exploring the space in this way. This week we are going to have a go at making our own maps of the garden, which will include pictures, labels and words about textures and materials - it will be lots of fun having a go at this challenge! 
In mathematics, we continue to explore numbers 1 - 20 and are learning rhymes to help us with our number formation. We are focusing on looking at number lines, counting forwards and backwards in 1's from 0 to 20 and beyond (starting at any given number). We continue to count groups of objects and compare  them using words "more" and "less". We are beginning to explore number partitions to 6 through games and rhymes. At this stage it is REALLY REALLY important that this learning happens in a practical way through stories, playing games, physical activities, handling counters, real-life experiences, singing songs and rhymes. Last week we started a focus on shapes and enjoyed working with a partner to look for hidden shapes in the school playground - we had to make marks on paper to record how many of each shape we had found and report back to the group at the end of the game. We also used gingerbread dough to make shape biscuits. 
It's been a great start to Term 2! Your children are an amazing group to work with.
Nicola Luke

Guided Reading and Maths Focus
Today we started our Guided Reading Program with our Pre-primary and Kindy children and I am excited to tell you all that they were fantastic. We split the children into two groups and the children then paired up and shared a reader together. We discussed the front cover and looked at the title and illustrations to predict what the book might be about. The children then had the book read to them followed up by re-reading each page and using their finger to follow the words. They even sounded out basic phonetic words too. I was so proud of them and their enthusiasm to learn. They are coming along perfectly.
We have also been focusing on our final week of positional and directional language in Maths and went outside to complete an obstacle course so the children could use this and the language in a real life situation. 






Busy start to Term 1


We have been focusing on our Talk 4 Writing story "The Gingerbread Man" with all the children having a good level of comprehension of the beginning, middle and end of the story. We decided that we would predict and test if the Gingerbread Man would have been able to swim across the river instead of riding on the fox's back and then getting eaten. The outcome was grim and the children soon worked out that he would have never made it across without losing parts of his body. Next week we will move onto the importance of good, descriptive beginnings to our stories.
We have continued with the 5 Senses with hearing being the focus this week. The children loved using the listening post to hear some wonderful stories. We also used all our senses to pop popcorn and taste it and had some fun making music with our instruments.
In Maths we are continuing to focus on Same and Different and Matching. The children went exploring outside to find items that were the "same" and then matched them into groups as a class. Number is still an ongoing part of our program too. In Literacy we have started to look at high frequency words that align with our Letters and Sounds program with emphasis on sounding these words out and looking at the beginning, middle and final sounds of each word. They have been super stars at this!




Welcome to Term 1


Wishing you a warm welcome to A1. We have had a great start to our new class with all children settling in well. It is so lovely to see the Kindy children interacting well with our beautiful Pre-primary children. They have also adapted extremely well to their new classroom environment. We have a busy term ahead with lots of fun and exciting activities planned around our theme on "Me" and "My Family". We will be starting Talk4Writing and our literacy programs "Cracking the Code" and "Letters and Sounds".


In Numeracy we will be focusing on Number throughout the term as well as Same and Different, Matching, Sorting and the Language of Position and Direction.


We look forward to seeing you throughout the term and we welcome you into our room in the mornings to spend sometime with your child before the bell rings at 8.45am. If you have any queries or concerns over the year please feel free to approach Nicola or myself at a time that is convenient.


Catherine Hehir





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