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Welcome to our classroom!


It is wonderful to see some new faces in our class this year and to welcome back all Phoenix students from last year. It has been lovely meeting you all.




Just a few points to cover at the start of the year:


  • All students need to have their stationary and workbooks labelled with their name or initials. We already have a lost property pile of pencils without names. If students need to take their pencil cases home over the weekend to do so then please feel free.
  • We will have our Italian lessons On Tuesdays with Ms Harrison. 
  • All students have access to Study Ladder which is an online website for English, Maths and Science work. I will continue to update tasks which are related to what we are studying in class. Students have been provided with a log in code. They can complete up to 3 tasks per night at home (without paying for the program).
  • Students who do not have internet at home can use the class computers from 8.30am. Please send me a note to confirm this.
Thank you to all parents who
volunteered for reading or to assist with excursions.


We have been introduced to our new Science and Hass topics which we will continue for the term.

The Year 4's have started looking at Symmetry in our environment. We are working on creating our own pieces of symmetry in art and creating patterns, pictures and shapes using digital technology.

Our Year 3's have been working on their odd and even numbers, finding symmetry in the environment and being able to measure objects using metric units of length mass and capacity.


I look forward to working alongside all parents to assist the C2 students with achieving their learning goals this year.


Christie Read



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Interschool athletics teams have been selected. The names are posted outside the library. Well done to Huirua for being our Intermediate Champion boy and to Palace for being our Intermediate Champion girl for 2018!!

Assembly Item - Term 3 2018

Thank you to all of the parents who came down to watch our assembly. A big congratulations to Sofia, Austin, Kyra and Jaedin for being our hosts - I think you will all agree they did an outstanding job!!! Each of the children volunteered their time in the role of their choice from script writing, directing, props to sound effects. Enjoy the video!

Phoenix Primary School C2 Assembly Item 2018 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

Edudance Concert

Phoenix Primary School C2 Edudance 2018 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.



What a day! A day filled with excitement, laughter, noise, questions, more noise, clues, discussions, fun and most importantly a day of discovery. We had an excited group of 72 students that headed up to AQWA. We watched shark feeding time in the tanks, took a ride through the underwater caves, put on snorkels and held starfish in the touch pool and and explored a shipwreck. We learnt so many amazing facts about underwater sea creatures and some new ways of helping preserve their environments. It was a very quiet bus ride home with some of the students even managing to get some sleep after such a busy day exploring. Thank you SO MUCH to Agnes, Boadie, Treacy and Brett for your support as partner helpers.  It really would not have been possible without your support.

Sports Awards

Congratulations to Sofia for her netball award on the weekend! Well done Lockie for receiving a coaches award for your rugby team! Finally what a fantastic effort Lili on your 12km City To Surf run on Sunday!

We love our sport here in C2. Hopefully this means we are in for an exciting and competitive athletics carnival in a few weeks time.

Book Week

We had such an amazing book week celebration. Our class watched the parade, participated in a treasure hunt, took some photos together, read some stories written by Australian authors, made some delicious pirate cookies and wrote some short stories. Thank you for helping your child to prepare a costume. I appreciate the effort you went to in making them!

Cake Stall

THANKYOU to each and every parent who supplied a cake or treat for our cake sale. We raised an outstanding amount of $311 which we will combine with the B4 toy sale money to pay for our bus to AQWA. I appreciate the effort you went to in baking or purchasing something for our stall. It was a highlight of my day watching students excited faces as they purchased the cupcakes or worked behind the counter. The students were in charge of counting the change, setting up the stall and advertising our bake sale and I believe they did an amazing job! 

Welcome to Term 3!

Thank you to the parents who came in to help us on the last day of term 2 to set up our butterfly garden. The area is looking so much cleaner and we managed to plant all 80 seedlings which was a fantastic team effort.

Crazy hair day was a successful fundraiser by the P&C. Thank you for their kind donation of a sausage sizzle for each child. The money raised will go towards our school excursion fund.

Finally a big welcome to Finn (Year 3) who is joining our class this Semester!

We have had a great first day back and I am looking forward to an exciting term ahead. My timetable is on the wall behind my desk so if you would like to book a meeting with me during school time please come and find a suitable time during my DOTT lessons.




Year 4 History Presentations

Just a quick note to say how proud I am of each and every Year 4 student this week for presenting such wonderful power-point presentations on their chosen explorer. I understand that many of our students had not been given the opportunity to present a speech in front of the class before and I loved hearing the excited comments at recess time as they realised it was easier than they had thought it would be! It has been so nice to see students helping each other gather research, practice their slideshows together and provide some constructive feedback. I hope this assessment has taught your child the importance of research and preparation which will help them as they move into upper primary.  I have sent all the marking rubrics home with students so please make sure you have a look and see how they went.



It has been nice for our Year 3's to see a few of these speeches and to reflect on what makes an engaging presentation. I hope this will give them an idea of what they should be aiming for next year.





Maths Update - Week 7 Term 2

We have been learning about fractions, percentages and decimals for Number lessons. We played some games at the end of the week to put our skills to the test!







C2 Assembly Item - June 2018

Phoenix Primary School C2 Assembly 2018 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.






For Science this Semester, both Year 3 and Year 4 have been focusing on the topic of Biology. We have been learning about how living things have different roles in a habitat (producers, consumers and decomposers), which animals are either competitive or  mutually beneficial, the importance of a food chain, the life cycle  of flowers, seed germination and predator-prey relationships.

Here is a link for you to explore with your child at home if you would like to build on what they are learning in class.


Smiling Mind Program

I just wanted to pass on the link to a Mindfullness program we have been doing daily in our class. The program we follow helps students to improve their focus, concentration and self control. Each activity is around 4-6 minutes long and we usually complete these at the start of the day or after breaks when students are finding it difficult to settle back in to work. 


 I have attached the link for any parents wanting to sign up (it is a free resource). I have seen improvements in many students ability to focus in class as well as their social skills at break time.







NAPLAN for Year 3's will be held next week. We have tried to provide the students with sample questions so they feel prepared for how to answer the questions on the day. Naplan allows teachers to be made aware of any focus areas and to find areas of strength in our current programs. While it is very important, we would still like to limit any anxiety around the test as much as possible. To do this, we have been having some discussions about what we are proud of about ourselves that perhaps are not measured in a test. Here are some of the responses...



"How close I am with my family." - Jonathan


"My netball and art skills." - Sofia


"Having lots of friends." - Ksenia


"Speaking another language." - Ellah


"Being fair when I play games." - Sienna


"Working hard in class and ice-skating." - Jessica


"Camping with my family." - Daniel


"Building towns out of lego." - Noah


"Being in a high level for swimming." - Scarlet



To all Year 3's, remember to get a good nights sleep before Tuesday's test and try your best! 



Ms Read




Visual Arts

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about view points and have been looking at visual clues within pieces of art. These clues tell us where it was made, who made it and why. We have been linking our findings back to artworks from different cultures and times, such as traditional artwork by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

We are currently creating our own story books about our lives and where we came from. Students are invited to bring in any photos or items from their childhood (perhaps a photocopy of the item) to include in their story books.

Here are some of the self portraits we have been working on.








We had lots of fun at the Easter hat parade in week 9 of term 1. A special congratulations to Sienna and Kyra for their efforts in the egg decorating and Easter hat competitions.




Summer Interschool Carnival

Well done to those students from C2 who represented Phoenix at either Cricket or Basketball in week 8 of term 1 in the Cockburn Interschool competition.

You should be very proud of your efforts. A special congraulations to the Mixed Basketball Team who placed 1st overall.






Harmony Day

What a wonderful day! We had lots of fun making rainbow fruit kebabs, doing some traditional Irish dancing, painting, singing and learning about what Harmony Day means to different people around the world. It was amazing to see so many students dress in their traditional costumes and speak in their traditional language.

Many thanks to  the parents who came along to assembly or to help us work in the classroom. 








Easter Egg Competition

Our annual Easter egg decorating competition is fast approaching. The Years K – 3 will be given an egg template, which they will decorate in class. The Years 4 – 7 are asked to decorate a real egg in their own time at home (either blown or hard boiled).


Please no chocolate Easter eggs to be used in decoration.


Label your entry clearly with your name and year level and take them to the Library from Tuesday March 6. The final date for entries is Tuesday March 20 at 1.00pm.


The winners will be announced at the Easter Assembly.


How to Blow an egg - This is a task for careful fingers.

  • First pick out the eggs you want to blow. Hen’s eggs are easiest to find but duck and goose eggs are bigger.
  • Wash eggs and dry them.
  • Bore a hole with a darning needle at each end of the egg. One hole really should be bigger than the other.
  • Break the yolk with the needle.
  • Blow through the larger hole until the egg runs into a bowl and the shell is empty.
  • Wash each egg again very carefully. The shell is fragile and easily cracked.
  • Prop each egg in a stand ere it can dry safely ready to be decorated. It may help to leave it in its support turning it upside down to paint each end in turn.

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